Friday, July 15, 2011


I'm literally losing my mind with not having my computer available.

Yep it's still in repair. FINALLY got sent out today to be returned to me. I'm just hoping and keeping my fingers crossed and praying to whatever god (s) exist that this time, there will be no issues. We'll see...

Here's some random news bits for the day. I promise to have some fun postings when I'm finally able to type more then a few sentences from my phone.

Ubisoft confirmed rumors about $10 online fee for used games.

Star Wars Galaxies will be done by the end of the year. If you ask me, it should have been certified dead once they introduced the holocron cubes.

10% sales drop for games this year. When you think about what's been released, nothing of big, blockbuster worthy events has occurred to bump sales.

And I still can't get PlayStation Home to allow me to redecorate my house without one of the following events happening: Server crashing, 30+ minutes to load an item from the menu and/or loading items in your Personal Space, when finally able to load said item you wish to place and selecting it the item and navigation menu no longer responds. Seriously Sony, it's been well over a month and redecorating my Personal Space would have killed at least an hour or two of my life in boredom. Fix it already!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Still MIA

Sent my computer back. It was returned to me with additional problems. Yippie. -_-

So another short post so you all don't think that I've left for good. I do apologize that these have been short and not as in-depth as I'm use to going. Smart Phones are not known for being great with typing, even with the auto-correct turned off.

I was going to post a link from an article in the Washington Post about a rediculious POV from the video game supreme court case, but found it was a Letter to the Editor, so dismissed it. It's not worth the time to discuss.

Well there was the recipiant of a G.I.R.L. scholarship aimed at getting women into the gaming industry who gets $10,000 and an internship with S.O.E. Mostly I think the name of the scholarship is dumb and slightly offensive. Couldn't make it less demeaning, could we?

Found this odd mention of "Should BestBuy buy GameStop?" 1-it won't happen. 2-Totally bypassed the partnership between Barnes & Noble with GameStop which would play a big role in any "buyouts" that may or may not occur.

And loads of July 4th Sales. So yeah. Enjoy. I'll be back to normal posting eventually. /sigh