Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How Galaxies Will End

With Star Wars Galaxies shutting down this December, developers decided to end it with a finale. A real ending. And before you say "well Star Wars had an ending" no it really didn't and you fail at being a Star Wars fan. There are hundreds of books and graphic novels and the like that show otherwise. Just because Vader and the Emperor are gone doesn't mean the fight just ends.

Starting this month, SOE will be releasing more content and special events to have Rebels and Imperials fight against one another. And before December 15th, they'll tally up the points and see which side won for each server, and they'll get different endings. So there will be a clear cut winner and loser. Not bad. And starting October 15th, the game will go to free play for everyone. So anyone can join in and see the final moments.

I think I'll YouTube it. Unfortunately the NGE killed Galaxies for me and I promised myself I wouldn't return. When you spend a year working on being a Jedi and to have it stripped down to a 30 days or less experience, or 2 years on being a top Imperial operative only to have your holocrystal shove you back into the Entertainer path in order to be a force-wielder, you tend to build a chip on your shoulder. Just because I play a Twi'lik doesn't make me a dancer! >_<

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kotaku Seriously. Hire Me.

Because this is the third time in 2 weeks that I've beaten you to a story. I'm just one person and somehow managing to beat your collection of staffers. Nothing against them as I enjoy the work they do. But timeliness is of the essence in the blogging world. I'm 3 for 3. So come on Kotaku. I'd love to be on your team. And hey, you can brag about another woman being in your crew. That's a good thing. >.>

Boring News Is Boring.

You know it's a slow week when you see a "video games lead to aggression" article. This one they tested on 42 college students with 2 pretty crappy games, Conan and Fuel. And then they did a taste test? I gave up on this article at that point. Too many flaws, too few subjects, not enough range of subjects, and a taste test to determine aggression? Really?

And then you have this gem titled "Don't hate the new player, hate the new game." Nifty title. I don't know what the hell the article is about though. I guess they're saying more women are playing now due to different types of games being made available on multiple platforms outside of gaming consoles. But by the title of the article, it infers that people don't like the newer players. Yet there's nothing in the article that would make us think otherwise. It's very dry, dull, and has 0 relationship to the title. It's just saying "there are new kinds of games out there." Ok. Cool. Why did you have to write an article about something so obvious?

News for gaming has been such a bore the past few weeks. *poke Konami* Why don't you all announce a MGS/ZOE cross-over. That'll give us something to talk about. >.>

Sunday, August 28, 2011

1 Person = 1 Million PoV's

You could always do this in the Sims.
So if you don't already know about this, Elder Scrolls V is allowing gamers to marry anyone in the game. Via Twitter, someone suggested that the concept was "hush, hush" to which it was responded with "it's just not being played up." I mean, it's marriage. They don't want the focus of their game to be about gay relationships (right BioWare?) but about the story, the interactivity, and the options presented.

The Canadian Business website (legit source, I know) took it upon themselves to research it. And based their findings off of roughly 1k comments on an IGN article.Which reminded me of South Park. Because those 1k responses clearly show that a vast majority of gamers are against same-sex marriage. -_-

While I do feel that some aspects among the community should change, such as 'gay' being used as a derogatory insult, the article's lack of real research leaves for something to be desired. I'm sure if someone put some effort into it, they would find that a majority probably don't care about the issue (i.e. it doesn't matter if you're straight, gay, bi, etc.) and wouldn't say harmful things to gay people. Most of what I have read for games involving same-sex aspects, most people really don't care. It's not an aspect of the game they intentionally seek out to play, nor will it prevent them from buying the product. It's just a part of the story.

It might also be safe to assume that those insulting gays, women, etc. are younger people who don't know any better. But I'm basing this off of the "That's So Gay" ads that have been targeting teenagers to stop using that phrase as an insult. Yeah it doesn't sound any more logical then equating 1,000 online posts to a majority of the gaming community hating on same-sex marriage. Thanks Canada!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Slow Week

I'm not talking about Deus Ex. That's being done to death and former co-workers are none to happy about the issue. Best to not rub salt in the wound for the 2-3 people that still work there that I actually care about.

So I've been stumbling around on the internet and checked up on Not Always, which I haven't visited in a while. And got to this gem of a story. On the one hand, good on the class to make the teacher eat his own words. On the other hand, I am really afraid this is going to happen to me one day. "Have you watched Transformers 3?" "Um..." "Oh my god you have to! You can't talk bad about the movie until you do because it's soooo good!" Dammit!

Something gaming related, Mountain Dew is continuing to infuse sugar into gamers through a tie-in with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, and double xp.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

SNES Is 20 This Week

And it just adds to my age.

Oh how I remember that Christmas when we got our SNES and could not put Super Mario World down for the life of us. The countless, controller throwing hours of Super Metroid. Oh the greatness of it all.

A few websites are offering their list of favorite SNES games, even the tiny news stations. Destructoid is offering a full week of SNES goodness. For many of us Gen-X'ers the SNES was the thing. There was nothing better! My favorite story of the week is the top 25 best/worse SNES box art.

Dust off your SNES or fire up those emulators. You know it's nostalgia week! A quick list of things you should probably pick up and play/replay before the week's end:

I hope I'm not the only one that watched the TV show...
Most Humor: Earthworm Jim. Even as an adult you'll get a kick out of this. It's a worm in a spacesuit built by Professor Monkey-For-A-Head, and involves cows, against queen slug-for-a-butt, and I think you have to save the girl. While originally for the Genesis, the SNES version was by far the best version. Crisp, clean, and hit the right target audience.

Best Replay Value: Super Mario RPG. No matter how many times I've seen the ending, I always wanted to start up another game and try to pick up the things that I missed the first time. It's the first collaboration between two companies that made me have high hopes for Square's future.

Most Awesome: Chrono Trigger. And if you argue against that, then you clearly fail at understanding the greatness that is. Just go play and it will all make sense.

Most Underrated: Earthbound. Big success in Japan. Poor reception in the U.S. It's a role-playing game but it used a different point of view from other RPG's, i.e. not top-down. No random-encounters. And not the usual battle system. Really, it's just a fun story to play through. Crazy, silly, over the top, but meaningful. Well worth a playthrough.

Best Platformer: Donkey Kong Country. I listed it as my #4 of top 10 favorite cartridge games. It showcases the power of the SNES with it's visuals while keeping the gameplay simple and the story fun. And the minecart levels. Oh my god the minecart levels. That is what DKC is all about!

Shove it Slippy! Just stop talking! >.>
Best Nintendo Licensed Game: Mario Kart. The one that started it all. It is the only game in the Mario franchise that I will willingly purchase every single version of. It is just that fun and challenging! You can't tell me that mirrored mode on Rainbow Road at 150 CC is the most annoying thing possible. But it is so worth it when you win that race. Oh so worth it.

Most Ridiculous: Clay Fighter. Take Mortal Kombat with Street Fighter. Make them out of clay people that can elongate their arms and legs. Throw in some really stupid catch phrases, weirdly deformed characters, and creepy clowns, and there you have it. Go look. It's just weird. And it even got spinoffs!

Required Play In Order to be an SNES Fanboy: Star Fox. If you don't want to kill Slippy after playing this game, you are officially an SNES fanboy. You have been baptized.

Happy gaming!

Either I'm Awesome or Kotaku is Slipping

I posted about the game addicting lawyer last Friday.

Kotaku had the same story up yesterday afternoon.

The humor in all of this is that in the story about the lawyer, I pointed out that I beat Kotaku to another story about how most people don't finish the games they purchase.

So yeah...either they're slipping or I have just become incredibly awesome.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gaming And The Brain

News is still incredibly slow. Other then Nintendo will be holding a press conference a few days before TGS, a show which they typically don't attend, and that caused their stock to jump up. What a slow, slow week.

But I found this wonderful gem that was recently posted on Gamasutra. How video games affect the brain, with a focus on those with physical disabilities or have had traumatic experiences that may have rewired their brain. The brain is a tricky beast. We don't know everything about it, despite having a century's worth of research into it. And that's why it is still an area of interest. The Monkey Ball experiment was unique in my eyes. In that people reacted in fear when the Monkey fell off the edges, similar to bathophobia with the neurological response. And when they reach the final goal, the brain relaxes. Games are tackling the brain in ways that people wouldn't expect. It's nice to see gaming be applied to a non-negative context. ^^

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Top 5 Controller Destroying Moments In Gaming

Gaming news has been pretty lackluster this past week. Even with Gamescon in session. So it's time for another one of my wonderful lists! I present to you...

The Top 5 Gaming Moments That Made You Want To Throw/Destroy/Chainsaw Your Controller

I love my titles sometimes.

5. MGS4. Snake vs. Laughing Octopus.

I so despised this fight. Octopus has camo that allows her to blend in with anything and become anyone. If you play in hard mode, it is a giant pain in the ass. Especially since the area where the fight takes places is bloomed out the butt (aka, very brown, grey, and lots of sunlight). It's not that she is difficult to beat. Rather, it is incredibly time consuming and irritating. You have to swap weapons constantly, flip in and out of super goggle mode just to see her when she's using camo, oh and if you want the bonus goodies after the fight you can't kill either her Beast of Beauty form with lethal weapons. Meaning it takes twice the ammo for more shots just to knock her down. Not difficult, but highly aggravating.

4. God of War - Final Battle.
This is very much true to old school platforming, and no joke even at Normal difficulty. It's more then button mashing. You really have to hone in all of those skills, and work with that silly camera, to go through a series of fights, while keeping your manifested family alive, and just when you think it's all done, you have another fight to go. No stops. No healing. You have to keep on going. Death at this point is a huge slap in the face. You want to try again, but you've just spent 20 minutes of your life already on this task and you failed. Annoying as hell, no pun intended.

3. Super Metroid - Jumping.

This isn't a particular boss, or level, or moment in the game. Rather, it's an annoying aspect overall. Jumping in this game sucks. The worse part is when you have to jump up walls to reach the top, otherwise you're stuck in pits of monsters that refresh every time you leave the screen and you can't move forward in the story. All of the enemies will taunt you as they climb with ease up the wall. And there you are, spamming the jump button with all your might in hopes that you'll make it to the top, only to slide all the way back down. Such a nightmare.

 2. Goldeneye 007 N64 - Escorting Natalya.

I'm fairly convinced that she is the stupidest A.I. ever created. Typically I'd give earlier systems a pass as the technology was not as great, but by the time the N64 was released, PC and console games had figured out what worked best for escort missions. So really, there's no excuse for this one.

The basic scenario is you, James Bond, have to get Natalya out from the lab. Simple enough. But it really no longer becomes a question of skill, but rather luck. Natalya doesn't necessarily "follow" Bond. She runs in front of him. She runs to the side. She runs in circles. She runs into walls. She runs over railings. She runs with scissors in her hands. Ok the last one I made up but it sure feels like it. She also LOVES to run in front of Bond when he's trying to kill a bad guy. I can not count the number of times she has been killed and I have had to restart this mission over, and over, and over again. The only plus? When you get to the point of wanting to destroy your controller, you can always shoot Natalya to make yourself feel better. The paintball stain is always fun.

1. Ghosts n' Goblins - The Entire Game.

This is the most difficult game ever created. You all can go on about Ninja Gaiden, but that is nothing in comparison to the pure evil that is Ghosts n' Goblins. The concept is you are a knight trying to save a princess and have to reach her after defeating a hoarde of goblins, ghosts, zombies, and the like. It takes 2 hits to lose a life (the first hit will strip you of your armor). If you die, you get sent back to the beginning of the level (or the mid-way point if you are so fortunate). Even better, you only live for a brief period of time, roughly 3 minutes. So you'll die if you don't finish the level fast enough and get sent back to the beginning.

What makes this such a cruel game beyond all words is the "ending". Just when you think you have won and saved the girl and have gone through all of those levels of horror, guess what? It was all a trick devised by satan. He warps your ass back to the beginning of the game for the true, and more incredibly difficult, version that you were really meant to run through the all along. This, in all obviousness, wins the top moment of wanting to destroy your controller.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Buahaha! And Lawyer Blaming Games, But Not How You Expect.

Suck it Kotaku. I Beat You to a story!

Apologies for the wonky title. But it's rare that I beat Kotaku to a story. XD

So there's a lawyer in Pennsylvania. He's been suspended for 3 years. And he blames an addiction to video games for the reason behind his poor legal performance.

Like a good number of people, Mathew Eshelman used video games as stress relief. Because being a lawyer is surely a hard job. More difficult then Suits would make it out to be. But a state disciplinary panel felt he was playing a little too much.

And it's been an ongoing issue since 2007 when he was fired from a firm, and went out to start his own practice. The panel states that Eshelman has mishandled at least 17 cases, ranging from divorce, bankruptcy, and debt collection cases.

Always have to blame the video games for your troubles.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

CNN Looks Into Why People Don't Finish Their Games

Because there isn't anything more important going on in the world...

So CNN looked into this "theory" that most people never finish a video game. To note, there really is no official study on this. They cite a blanket statement from a contractor for Activision that it's around 90%, but no factual numbers on how many it really is. Though it is interesting to read that only 1 out of 10 people who have purchased Red Dead Redemption have completed the final mission in the game.

What do they link it too? An aging gaming population, an over-saturated market, and lots of online games.

The average age of a gamer, according to the ESA is 37, while the average age of a buyer is 41. I get the feeling that those numbers for the gamer are a little skewed since we know that an easy gift for anyone under 25 is to buy a game. But because there is an aging group whom are more focused on their jobs and families they are less likely to commit 30 hours to a game, thus they remain unfinished.

Now for the influx of games, this I understand. There are a lot of games on the market. Not just console games. Think about your phone, Facebook, flash games. Easy to use, pick up and play, and throw away games that do enough to satisfy you fun levels but don't require a lot of time. Coupled with the little time we have in a given day, a 40 hour video game doesn't seem as appealing to some folks.

And then you have the multi-player games. They cite the most recent Call of Duty as an example. In fact the top 3 most played games for a console all have a multi-player audience. Most of them are playing online and not finishing the story. While the allure of online multi-player helps push sales, it also acts as a deterrent from finishing the game. In a sense, it's asking the gamer to not finish so that they can continue to play online with their friends. Once you finish, what else is there left to do but move on to the next game. At least that's how I interpret it. CNN is a little more obvious.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Ray of Sunshine for Vita

Of course it's Little Big Planet related. Kotaku had a peek at Gamerscon and it's giving me some hope that the Vita really won't be a bad successor to the PSP. It's still a stupid name. Seriously. Give me $20 and I'll come up with 20 new names that are million dollar ideas.

It's not a gimmick as most launch titles for a new system would be. Because the touch screen and motion control are prominent on Vita, LBP takes full advantage of it and allows levels to take on a new form of life. You can squish multiplayer games down to one system (not crazy >.>) or flip the system to 90 degrees to use the width of the screen for racing levels. What makes me happy is talks on how this will link with LBP1 and 2. Not just porting levels over, but actual interaction with PS3 users. Awesome.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Game Nation Partners With Atari

It's an underground thing, but Game Nation is an experimental video game theme park and resort. Basically it allows you to live in a video game, for the time you are there. Disney World for big kids. So Atari has jumped on board with the project by offering some of it's 8-bit classics, such as Centipede and Asteroids, to the park's potential game line-up.

Not a bad concept in general. It's like the movie Gamer but not as crappy. And you're paying a lot more for it. Again, a big kids Disney World. Concepts for the park have been drawn up, but Game Nation is spending at least 12 months to decide on a location. They've even opened it up to their FaceBook fans to help them out. Only 1k likes on their page. That's how underground this thing is. But teaming up with developers can help bring some new fans into the mix.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Trying To Save Nintendo

According to sources close to investors, they are pushing Nintendo to try and form a partnership with Apple in order to keep the company an active competitor in the gaming field.

Satoru Iwata has said no way. Fund manager Masamitsu Ohki has recommended that Nintendo peruse the smartphone gaming industry as a move forward for Nintendo. Ohki believes that either buying into the smartphone platform or creating their own would be a great way for Nintendo to get returns on their losses from the 3DS.

The article degenerates after the previous point. But what I wanted to bring up is my applause for Iwata for wanting to keep the Nintendo brand as an in-house product and not outsource it to multiple platforms. I'm not saying this is what they've always done, but it's a great way to get people to buy your stuff. You want to play a Super Mario game? Ok. You have to buy a Nintendo system because it won't be anywhere else. It's a model that has worked for them for quite a while and has built up a strong fan-base. The downside is that they are becoming like Linux and alienating newcomers. "I can get this game on 4 other platforms, so why should I spend more money to get this one game on this one system that I may not enjoy playing?"

Nintendo is having a reality check this year with the 3DS. I've ragged on it in the past, but after having a little time playing with it, it's a nifty system. Original price, not so good. New price, it's a considered purchased. Marketing system? Not so happy, but creative. Game launches? Pretty lame. Other then a few die-hard Nintendo fans, they didn't line this system up to be a big sales winner.

There is a definite need to make changes in order for Nintendo to be considered competitive again. But I don't believe that they have to move to smartphones to do it. Just some small changes to their pre-existing hardware could make a difference.

For example, online play with all of their systems. You "sort-of" have it with Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart DS. Everything else for the Wii is whomever you can get into your living room. For the DS it's local online play only. Such a horrible idea. A lot of the games I play most of my friends with a DS do not play. The same applies to the Wii. Nintendo needs to drop this local online play or local living room play and make everything online. Worldwide. A great example of this would be the Wii Sports franchise. Can you imagine how much more fun it would be if you could play online with anyone around the world and chat with them? That would give me a reason to turn on my Wii system. Knowing that I could get a work-out while having fun in a friendly, competitive environment, with anyone in the world.

The biggest disappointment I've had with the Wii was the release of Goldeneye. No online play. Seriously? Why? Do you have any idea how many MORE copies you could have sold if the game were online? That was the one thing you couldn't do back in the 64 days. If they had put in that extra effort to make it an online game, it would have been a winner. In fact, I'd probably be playing it right now.

I understand that Nintendo's stance on the Wii system was to get families to play together. And they've done that. Now they need to get the world to play together if they want to continue having a strong foothold in the industry.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Director's Take On Why Gaming Movies Suck

From the man who makes a not-so accurate version of Resident Evil.

"A lot of video game movies are made by directors who don't know the video games they are based on from a hole in the head", he told MCV. "They don't do justice to the games, they don't immerse themselves in the games, they don't understand what people liked from the games. And that is the wrong approach and clearly those movies don't work."

While I agree with the opinion, Mr. Anderson has not proven that he is a man of his word, in this situation.

I post this article due to the comments from Kotaku readers, under the feature discussion. They pretty much mirror what I was saying 2 days ago. Do as I say, but not as I do moment right there.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

They're Listening

Though Capcom is in the crap hole with a lot of gamers, they have been getting your letters and are listening to your concerns. Now they're not acting upon then, but they are listening. Senior VP Christian Svensson took a moment to let the fans know through the Capcom forum that their letters were not being thrown out or shredded upon arrival. They are reading every single one, and might offer a response to each. They care that you care about Mega Man Legends 3. Still doesn't mean that it will be put back into production, but they care that you care.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

RE5 or 6: The Movie!

Say what you wish about the Resident Evil movie franchise. It has gotten more popular with each successive film. Internationally, people LOVE this sh*t. And it's finally building a base audience in the U.S. jumping nearly $10 million more in box office sales with the last film, Afterlife 3D.

So of course they're making another movie, Resident Evil Retribution, which will start production this fall with Paul W.S. Anderson writing and directing again, with his wife Mila Jovovich as Alice once again. People keep saying it's RE5 due to the content of the script, but really it's the 6th film that will be released with the franchise.

Just like the last one, it'll be in 3D (which, what isn't these days. BTW, Wesker throwing his sunglasses at the camera was stupid and completely predictable for a 3D moment). And Anderson has been listening to the fans of both the games and the movies, so he says. They plan on bringing back Jill Valentine (seen at the end of Afterlife in her battlesuit from RE5-the game), and incorporating more of the game characters such as fan favorite Leon Kennedy, and Barry Burton (Jill Sandwich!). The movie is slated for a September 2012 release.

Now for my thoughts. There has only been one video game movie in my mind that really worked and that was Street Fighter, in all of it's corny gloryisness. Mortal Kombat comes in a close second on being most like it's video game counterpart.

The RE movie franchise is one that takes great liberty with it's source material. While I believe that the games would make for a great direct to movie adaptation, based on the game play and how scenes of intense "horror" are shown to the gamer, making an exact copy of the games to the movies wouldn't have worked. It would have been a disaster. Then we as gaming fans would have been expecting so much more instead of a copy/paste of a game we've played, that probably had better voice acting (regardless of the weird dialogue translations).

Love it or hate it, the movies aren't stopping. They have been growing stronger with each release. If you are a fan of the game, you probably won't like the content of the movies. So I offer this advice to you: don't think about the games when you're watching the movies. Enjoy the show for all of it's weirdness and you'll have a better understanding on it's popularity.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

We All Want To Be Superheroes

In a really short article with no links by, a study found that video game addicts become hooked because they want to be like the people they are portraying in the game. The study of 1,100 people found that gamers enjoy trying different roles in order to achieve a personal ideal. Whether this be becoming the opposite gender, a soldier, or a superhero.

My response, um, duh? I have 5 articles in one of my film theory books about movie's influence on audiences at a social and psychological level. Subconsciously, we all want to be a superhero. That's why we go to see the movies. We may not be the people on the screen, but we watch and pretend that we are, even if we're not aware of it.

Just tell me who wouldn't want to be a superhero? I'm sure if I asked everyone, they would come up with their own special power and look. We'd all be running around in spandex and wearing underwear as outerwear if we could so without ridicule.

Anyway, full findings from the study will be published in Psychological Science. On the plus, the researcher leading the study did not blame video games for any wrong-doing. In fact, he lauded them for allowing people to reach their ideal goals without causing serious harm to themselves or others in reality.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Video Game Case Most Difficult Of The Year?

Justice Kagan, on the Supreme Court which helped decide if the California law on banning the sales of violent video games to minors, felt it has been. I think the other cases of the year would have been a little more taxing, but to each his own.

Basically she could understand both sides of the story, a position she is rarely in.

"You could see why the government would have wanted to do this and you can see the kind of danger it was worried about, the kind of effects these extremely violent video games have on young people."

But eventually sided against the California law, mostly on the grounds of free speech.

It still brings to light that gamers are viewed as morally corrupt, violent, destructive, teenage boys. I only fit the corrupt criteria, however I blame my last job for that. Not video games. One day we'll be socially acceptable. Just not now.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Can you have too much Little Big Planet?

That’s what I’ve been playing now that my backlog of other games have been completed. And just like the real world, you have to wade through a lot of crap before you can find the gems.

Boy there is a lot of crap out there. H2H. S4S. Unnamed, no levels just for the sake of getting that stupid trophy that means nothing. The same, copied roller coaster from LPB1 gets some noobie (not even worth being upgraded to a nublet) 5,000 plays, but someone who has spent a week crafting a unique level is lucky to get 2 or 3 plays. It’s sad!

In many ways, once you finish creating a level the work isn’t over yet. You have to go online and advertise the crap out of it. Just as if you had created the new ShamWOW!, you need to put just as much, if not more, effort into letting the world know about your product.

So that’s what I did. A week after publishing a pretty good game and only getting one play from a friend, I went out and did the advertising thing.

It hasn’t worked yet.

Because the noobie who is doing 0 advertising and simply republishing copied levels that they put no effort into, are getting more plays then the 5 coolest levels on LBP combined.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s all a ploy. It’s just pure, stupid, dumbass luck if someone plays your level. That’s the truth of Little Big Planet and the truth of life. People who are celebrities, most of them will say “hard work” got them there. The reality is, they were in the right place at the right time and got pretty damn lucky.

Can you have a little too much LBP? Yep. If you care about people playing your levels you can. It’s disheartening and can kill your joy of playing. So unless you learn to love the levels despite their lack of play, you’ll end up taking a break.

Now time for shameless promotion!

Space Invaders (1 Player)  

Space Invaders (2-4 Players)

Tron Light Cycle Battle (2 Players)  

I still have yet to see any of these games in LBP that work like their original counterparts. Which is what I did. >.> And to promote a friend’s level which uses a really cool stealth system, similar to MGS:

Zombot Outbreak:  

For more "news news":
Several retailers in Norway have pulled "violent video games" from their stores in respect of those lives lost in the killings. One of those was World of Warcraft, which one of the assailants claimed to have played and chatted to people on. So it's one guy being a complete idiot out of the 11.1 million people that play worldwide. Clearly it's worthy of pulling from the store shelves.

I understand wanting to respect the families, but what proof do you all have that violent video games are the reason behind these attacks? None. So if you're going to pull video games, take out all of the televisions, movies, books, music, art, and theaters while we're at it. It aggravates me more that people assume "take out the games, it'll solve everything!" without really looking into the cause and providing more useful means of helping those families. Like open donations. I'm sure those people are more likely thinking about "How am I going to feed my kids next week?" then "I think that WoW game is a little violent." Priorities people. Next time retailers, start up a donation pool and stop picking on games!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Capcom, you make me sad

I Object to this insanity on behalf of the fans!
As if the no localization of Investigations 2 was bad enough. Now you’re finally giving us the slew of characters for Marvel vs Capcom 3 that were SUPPOSE to be playable, but in a new wrapping and taking out Dante? That’s cruel. But it’s also a business. Damn you. What better way to make money then to have a game that’s only 80% complete out on the market and tease the other characters in lame cutscenes, only to release a newer version later on that you know EVERYONE will want to buy. Businesses want money.

While I hate to say it, it is a numbers game on why AAI2 might not be ported. Overall sales of the series across multiple platforms has been less then the Professor Layton games (which have been DS only). The release of AAI2 in Japan drew 135k in the first week and stayed on a good course, but the numbers for AA are not as strong as we’d like to believe. AA is definitely an underground geek game. Not many people play it, but there’s a pretty big fan base for it. That’s why we all flipped our shit about a AA/Layton crossover. lol

Wonder if that giant profit dump from last year has Capcomfreaked out that it’ll happen again. It would explain why they haven’t been as eager to promote AAI2 and keeping it to the Japanese audience for initial sales. If you look at the first AAI game, it took nearly a year for it to be released in the U.S. Australia, and Europe after it came out in Japan (May 2009 to February 2010). So it’s feasible that Capcom is just playing the waiting game, drumming up enough interest in the West, and then will work on releasing it. Remember kids, it’s not about the fans. It’s about the money.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

How Video Games Keep Me Thin

Mmmm. Pacman Cupcakes.
AKA: How I started boredom eating when I was without my computer.

Before I hear anything from anyone, my computer is a laptop. If it were a desktop, I would have fixed the issues myself. But being warranty conscious, to repair the problems with my laptop it would have required gutting the entire computer. Not so fun.

To begin with, I’m not advocating that this is a diet plan and if you really need to lose any weight, you should check with a physician and all that. I’m just sharing my experience over the past few weeks.

Now I’m a slender person in general. I actually need to gain weight instead of loosing it after getting sick a while ago, and I haven’t been able to get it back as easily. But it’s interesting to me to hear all of these stories on the news about how children and teenagers are getting fat because of video games. A good number of people I know who play video games are pretty active and are the opposite of what the media likes to portray. Instead of gaining weight, video games helped me maintain my weight.

I have a pretty set eating schedule. I don’t over-eat, nor do I under-eat. I have lunch and dinner every day with a morning and an afternoon snack of something related to fruits and/or veggies that’s no larger then a granola bar so that I’m not hungry all day long. It’s a good system.

Having my computer out of my hands, played through my catalog of games, I was getting bored. To the point where I didn’t know what to do. Being bored led to hunger. Hunger led to eating. So I was eating out of boredom, something I’ve never done before. It was odd. It still is odd! I can’t conceive of the concept in my brain. Or rather, I get it, and yet I don't get it. >.> Because video games keep me busy! It allows me to stick to my eating schedule. It’s almost one of those things where if I’m busy doing something, the hunger thing doesn’t happen. I’m not ignoring my body because if I need to eat, I will eat or I’ll get an obnoxious headache. Rather, my spacing of meals is better managed because my attention is pre-occupied. Best done with gaming then with anything else. A book will help sometimes, but when it's for school, I can only take so much of it before my brain explodes.

So there you go. Video games keep me thin. Send it out. Print it. Enjoy! XD Oh, and I gained 4 pounds within a week. That's not healthy for anyone, after the last time I spoke with my doctor. That's how bad it was.

I’m Back!

I'm.    So.    Happy!!!!!
Not in the saddle again, but close enough.

Dear god have I missed my computer. *hugs it like no other, but not so tight that it breaks again*

I have a word of warning to anyone who purchases a Toshiba. Forgo the warranty. Or at least see if they will not send your laptop to the Kentucky repair center. Mine STILL has an issue with it. Someone took a knife, or something sharp, and made a large scratch over the mouse pad on the laptop and the 2 buttons below it. Pretty damn noticeable at that. 43 days without my computer. Three times it has been sent to them for repair. I’ll deal with it. But did let them know how sorely disappointed in their services I am. And I still have another year left on the warranty with them. >.> If it weren’t a laptop, I would have said screw them, and fixed it myself. /sigh

So. Damn. A lot of stuff has happened since I’ve been gone. The 3DS is getting a price drop. The Old Republic pre-sales have started and it has a chance at releasing early 2012. Comic-Con. I mean…damn. So many things to catch up on. Dah! First post of all of the crap I’ve reflected on these past few weeks coming up!