Friday, August 19, 2011

Buahaha! And Lawyer Blaming Games, But Not How You Expect.

Suck it Kotaku. I Beat You to a story!

Apologies for the wonky title. But it's rare that I beat Kotaku to a story. XD

So there's a lawyer in Pennsylvania. He's been suspended for 3 years. And he blames an addiction to video games for the reason behind his poor legal performance.

Like a good number of people, Mathew Eshelman used video games as stress relief. Because being a lawyer is surely a hard job. More difficult then Suits would make it out to be. But a state disciplinary panel felt he was playing a little too much.

And it's been an ongoing issue since 2007 when he was fired from a firm, and went out to start his own practice. The panel states that Eshelman has mishandled at least 17 cases, ranging from divorce, bankruptcy, and debt collection cases.

Always have to blame the video games for your troubles.


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