Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Capcom, you make me sad

I Object to this insanity on behalf of the fans!
As if the no localization of Investigations 2 was bad enough. Now you’re finally giving us the slew of characters for Marvel vs Capcom 3 that were SUPPOSE to be playable, but in a new wrapping and taking out Dante? That’s cruel. But it’s also a business. Damn you. What better way to make money then to have a game that’s only 80% complete out on the market and tease the other characters in lame cutscenes, only to release a newer version later on that you know EVERYONE will want to buy. Businesses want money.

While I hate to say it, it is a numbers game on why AAI2 might not be ported. Overall sales of the series across multiple platforms has been less then the Professor Layton games (which have been DS only). The release of AAI2 in Japan drew 135k in the first week and stayed on a good course, but the numbers for AA are not as strong as we’d like to believe. AA is definitely an underground geek game. Not many people play it, but there’s a pretty big fan base for it. That’s why we all flipped our shit about a AA/Layton crossover. lol

Wonder if that giant profit dump from last year has Capcomfreaked out that it’ll happen again. It would explain why they haven’t been as eager to promote AAI2 and keeping it to the Japanese audience for initial sales. If you look at the first AAI game, it took nearly a year for it to be released in the U.S. Australia, and Europe after it came out in Japan (May 2009 to February 2010). So it’s feasible that Capcom is just playing the waiting game, drumming up enough interest in the West, and then will work on releasing it. Remember kids, it’s not about the fans. It’s about the money.


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