Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gaming And The Brain

News is still incredibly slow. Other then Nintendo will be holding a press conference a few days before TGS, a show which they typically don't attend, and that caused their stock to jump up. What a slow, slow week.

But I found this wonderful gem that was recently posted on Gamasutra. How video games affect the brain, with a focus on those with physical disabilities or have had traumatic experiences that may have rewired their brain. The brain is a tricky beast. We don't know everything about it, despite having a century's worth of research into it. And that's why it is still an area of interest. The Monkey Ball experiment was unique in my eyes. In that people reacted in fear when the Monkey fell off the edges, similar to bathophobia with the neurological response. And when they reach the final goal, the brain relaxes. Games are tackling the brain in ways that people wouldn't expect. It's nice to see gaming be applied to a non-negative context. ^^


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