Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How Galaxies Will End

With Star Wars Galaxies shutting down this December, developers decided to end it with a finale. A real ending. And before you say "well Star Wars had an ending" no it really didn't and you fail at being a Star Wars fan. There are hundreds of books and graphic novels and the like that show otherwise. Just because Vader and the Emperor are gone doesn't mean the fight just ends.

Starting this month, SOE will be releasing more content and special events to have Rebels and Imperials fight against one another. And before December 15th, they'll tally up the points and see which side won for each server, and they'll get different endings. So there will be a clear cut winner and loser. Not bad. And starting October 15th, the game will go to free play for everyone. So anyone can join in and see the final moments.

I think I'll YouTube it. Unfortunately the NGE killed Galaxies for me and I promised myself I wouldn't return. When you spend a year working on being a Jedi and to have it stripped down to a 30 days or less experience, or 2 years on being a top Imperial operative only to have your holocrystal shove you back into the Entertainer path in order to be a force-wielder, you tend to build a chip on your shoulder. Just because I play a Twi'lik doesn't make me a dancer! >_<


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