Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Ray of Sunshine for Vita

Of course it's Little Big Planet related. Kotaku had a peek at Gamerscon and it's giving me some hope that the Vita really won't be a bad successor to the PSP. It's still a stupid name. Seriously. Give me $20 and I'll come up with 20 new names that are million dollar ideas.

It's not a gimmick as most launch titles for a new system would be. Because the touch screen and motion control are prominent on Vita, LBP takes full advantage of it and allows levels to take on a new form of life. You can squish multiplayer games down to one system (not crazy >.>) or flip the system to 90 degrees to use the width of the screen for racing levels. What makes me happy is talks on how this will link with LBP1 and 2. Not just porting levels over, but actual interaction with PS3 users. Awesome.


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