Saturday, August 06, 2011

Video Game Case Most Difficult Of The Year?

Justice Kagan, on the Supreme Court which helped decide if the California law on banning the sales of violent video games to minors, felt it has been. I think the other cases of the year would have been a little more taxing, but to each his own.

Basically she could understand both sides of the story, a position she is rarely in.

"You could see why the government would have wanted to do this and you can see the kind of danger it was worried about, the kind of effects these extremely violent video games have on young people."

But eventually sided against the California law, mostly on the grounds of free speech.

It still brings to light that gamers are viewed as morally corrupt, violent, destructive, teenage boys. I only fit the corrupt criteria, however I blame my last job for that. Not video games. One day we'll be socially acceptable. Just not now.


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