Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sexism and Video Games. Followed By...

Hey look. Other people are talking about it too. One thing I'd like to comment: I do believe that there is very much an aspect of "sex sells" as marketing techniques. While there are no games or movies that have a direct correlation between sexual performance and gaming, scantily clad women do sell products. I link you to a video that Destructoid posted (and I re-posted) not that long ago! Clearly that's sex being sold to raise awareness of a small company via pole dancing. Just because there is a sexy woman eating a bag of chips doesn't mean we equate those chips with sexual performance (as they are trying to delineate nerdcore from sexy objects). That's all.

Actually my blog post was intended to be a rant on rental movies from services such as Netflix no longer allowing you to skip the commercials. The last 5 movies I've rented have been like this. Super lame. And yes I know about all of the tricks on how to get past them, but none of them have worked! Even the all-powerful PS3 can not skip the commercials. I just clocked this DVD at 23 minutes of commercials. o_O Nice to know that no matter how much I pay, I will always have commercials in my life. Thank you democracy and corporate America!


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