Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TGS Is Here

Whew! We're already getting pummeled with gaming news and we still have a good full 4 solid days of TGS awesomeness. Time for a mini-view.

Nostalgia moment: Wing Commander III. If you've never played, it's been re-released for digital download at $6.00. And it is awesome. Yes, it's the one with Mark Hamill in it. It started a revolution in the way games were produced and changed how we play games today. Go buy it. It's only 6 bucks.

Year of the crappy battery: The Vita specs have been sort of released. And what we're getting is another handheld system with some pretty bad battery. 3-5 hours at the most, just like the 3DS. Clearly we need to figure out some new methods of powering these things. 3 hours isn't enough.

Final Fantasy Tidbits: FFX will be coming to the Vita and PS3 in HD as part of a 10th anniversary celebration from the original game's release. 10 years of X. Before there are any groans, for a lot of today's teens-early 20's gamers, X was their first. That's why we see so many cosplayers for that game. Still waiting on that FF7 remake...ok not really. I think they should put 7 to bed after all the prequels and sequels. It's been 10 years and we only have 4 games into the franchise. They need to pick up the pace.

Rumors about my lady: They're been cropping up on Twitter and other blogs. Sega has something in the works for Bayonetta, but we're not entirely sure yet. TGS is already slated to be the year of Sony, so anything else that crops up will be a surprise. We're hoping for a new game, which I imagine would have to be a prequel otherwise we're going to get this odd-ball buddy comedy after the ending of Bayonetta.


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