Monday, October 24, 2011

Kotaku, who is Misti Dawn and why should I care?

Blooper from True Crime: Streets of LA
Apparently it's apart of a "Geek Girls" series about adult porno actresses that also play video games. Because clearly being a "geek girl" means you have to do porn also. It started as a digital series by BananaSyrupCompany, and has now taken over Kotaku. One of the actresses, Misti Dawn, in the series talked to Kotaku about her favorite game and who she thought was the sexiest female character.

Why is it that we can't talk about women and gaming without sex being brought into the mix? Even news articles about the number of women playing games these days still has to include "they prefer it over sex!" Really? Why did that even need to be introduced into the mix? You could have had a nice article discussing how and why women are playing games, and the changing culture. But no. You had to drop the sex bomb. Can't even Google "how many women play video games?" without the first page referring to sex.

This is why I get pissed off at gaming blogs/websites. They "try" to discuss sexism through outside resources to better inform the community and create the gaming atmosphere we all are striving for. And then the next day they talk about no bras and cute Japanese girls. Thanks for taking a progressive stance guys.

Let's face it. The female "role-models" for women that play video games in the entertainment industry is pretty non-existent. The women that do say "hey, I'm a gamer" are really pretty or work in porn. I made the point before with Olivia Munn that just because she's pretty, doesn't make her the role model for female gamers. How am I suppose to relate to these people if I'm nothing like them? How is a little girl expected to feel empowered and love herself for who she is when the world is saying "hey, if you want to play video games you need to be a slut"? How is that ok?

We really need to wipe the slate clean. Today there are more women and girls playing games out there then men. We outnumber their playtime. And yet we still force ourselves to try and fit their stereotypes in order to play on their level. Why? We never needed to in the first place. Gaming has always been, and always will be, for everyone. We should never fit into a stereotype. Such that "gamer girl" is what we are called. We are not all girls. Most of us are women. Join the Female Gamer revolution! It's time for us to find some REAL female gamers to call icons. Not pretty girls that enjoy taking their clothes off.


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