Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Men Are Not Men Because of Games

From SonicRTR. Funny guy.
If women are fat, ugly, or slutty in the gaming world, then men are apparently lazy ass bums. At least according to the opinions of William J Bennett, a CNN contributor and former U.S. Secretary of Education under Regan.

It reads like the ramblings of an elderly man without deliberately saying that he's sexist.

Basically it's saying that women are taking over the world because men are too busy at home playing video games. That's it. No real facts to back it up except for a little quip in the beginning (for stats that are over 20 years old) on how women are getting better educated and taking more of the top earning jobs. Um...there's this thing that happened called the Feminist Movement with a second wave hitting pretty hard in the 1960's up through the 1980's which, oh look! That's where Mr. Bennett's only stats come from. And part of the reason is because women were fighting pretty damn hard for more equality in education and better wages to match what men are making. As it stands today, women are still making less then men (about 77 cents to every dollar, even Time reported on it). CNN, you sadden me at your lack of fact checking, because this article is in dire need of some even for an Opinion Piece.

It seems as though Mr. Bennett is poorly attempting to get men to take back their manhood by getting them to stop playing the vidja games. We can't let those women folk take our jobs! I'm not even going to discuss his views about families and children as it clearly is a blatant attempt to say "women should be at home, making babies, and in the kitchen." Oh so very wrong. Mr. Bennett, the simpler times where men were men and women were slaves is long over. Get use to it and start moving into the new era because you're just looking silly right now.

Aside, there was one comment made by a man that made an interesting connection to sports. That people watching for sports for hours, sometimes days (ESPN) on end don't get a single bat of the eyelash. But if they play a video game for a couple of hours here and there, they are lazy and not providing any real contributions to society. Interesting how two types of gaming entertainment (sports and video games) have two completely different reactions.


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