Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rockstar Dev Speaks About Original GTA3

With the re-release to mobile phones coming up fast, Dan Houser gave a rare interview about the game's past. Rockstar dev's are not like the other companies. They tend to keep themselves quiet and fight when they need to fight. And Dan explains why in the article!

GTA3 will hit 10 this year. Which means as of May next year I will have been out of high school for 10 years. -_- Old geek feels old. And Rockstar wanted to commemorate the game with a mobile edition, which has been receiving high praise. You can also get a nifty action figure. So why does 3 deserve a re-release? It's the game that made the series.

Without GTA3, Vice City, San Andreas, and IV would not be the products that they are today. GTA3 took the original top-down version of it's predecessors and brought it into a 3D-like world. The city became expansive. The people became real. The missions were more daunting. The world felt alive. And I think many of us were amazed that the PS2 had that much power in it's little body. It's nice to see that in the decade since it's release, Rockstar has been the same company producing the same quality of content we have come to expect of the crew. If you have a few minutes, read the article. It's nice to see someone at the top of a company that actually gives 2 craps about the products they are releasing. Also the note about the "violence in the game", so true. You're more likely to find much more bloody, violent content in an FPS over a GTA game.


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