Friday, November 04, 2011

And the world keeps spinning...

Two news stories that will probably make you sigh in exasperation.

~ Greg Smith, an Australian Attorney General, who originally was pushing for more harsher ratings on games, now wants to ban violent games outright.

For those who don't know, Australia is a pretty strict about the sales of video games. Having worked in the trenches at a large company that supplies games, I've had to deal with it on occasion. They have a rating system that is similar to ours (E, T, M, etc.) but with an age range attached to the "mature" content (E, G, PG, MA15, R18). And they're pretty strict about who sees what content. There have been several attempts in the pass to either heavily restrict or edit the content of games that rate above PG. It's actually illegal to sell anything above an M to those who are not legally adults (in age).

So instead of going through the song and dance of classifying R18+, Mr Smith wants to just ban all of those games outright. Based on his thoughts, anything above a G would be removed from the system, and under Australia's guidelines, that includes games like Mario and Zelda. Feel free to roll you eyes and slam your head against a wall/desk. I think it's silly too.

~ Whether this is a cry for help or desperation, the next Spike Video Game Awards will be produced by Mark Burnett. If you don't know who he is, he's basically a British reality show demi-god producer. You name it, and he probably had a hand in it.

“Mark’s bold producing style is a perfect fit for gamers, and his tremendous vision and unparalleled energy will take the show to a new level.” Casey Peterson, executive producer for the show.

Burnett mentions his sons being gamers in the article, but I'm not holding my breath. The show has basically went south years ago and never managed to pick itself back up. But maybe this is the glimmer of hope that the show needs. Burnett has a magic touch and can transform crap into gold. So maybe, just maybe...I'm not holding my breath and I'll catch the recap like a month down the road, but maybe...


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