Monday, December 19, 2011

Gaming Motion Sickness - A Real Concern

And not just with 3D gaming.

Andrew Emery of the UK Guardian talks about his own issues with motion sickness when it comes to playing video games, something that 10-50% of the population experiences in varying degrees (the most extreme being in that 10%). Emery can't last more then 30 minutes without getting the full wave of motion sickness; as such gaming is something he really can't be a part of.

While the U.S. Army and some medical facilities have been researching it, the only results they have found is that short bursts of playtime can help lessen the symptoms of motion sickness.

But it's interesting to see what research Emery has dug up. Even testing some drugs to help ease motion sickness, like many people do before going on a boat. I'd be interested in seeing more research about this. I have to wonder if the immersion into the gaming worlds is causing this sort of reaction to happen, or if there are other elements of game play. Such as Call of Duty or other FPS where the camera doges, bumps, and jolts you across the screen, vs an RPG where this rarely happens.


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