Thursday, December 08, 2011

Miyamoto Wants To Work On Smaller Projects?

Busy week for me. I've been in overdrive mode looking for a full-time job, even if it's just temporary. In the current job climate having one degree, let alone two, is not a good thing. :/ At this point I'll work at just about anywhere, even at a McDonalds. Ok, maybe not that far. Just someone hire me please! :(

On that note, yesterday's story on Wired caused a big hoopla. Miyamoto retiring? No official conformation or denial as he and Nintendo are issuing conflicting reports.

The titles of the articles didn't help ease the calm. It's not as bad as people are making it out to be. Miyamoto has been saying around the Nintendo offices that he wants to retire from his current position, BUT still WORK for the company on smaller projects and with newer game designers. He's not quitting the business, but just wants to do something else. He's already stated in a past interview that he'll die before he completely retires from games. So don't go crazy on us Nintendo fanboys and girls.

The man is nearly 60. He's had a pretty awesome career by any practical business standards. If he wants to step down from his current position and work on other things, who are we to say he shouldn't? He'll still be making games and I'm cool with that.

Of course Nintendo is now countering the Wired article saying it's not true. Let's make it even more confusing for everyone!


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