Sunday, December 18, 2011

To Counteract With The Awesome of SW:TOR.

We'll just add some dancing into the Kinect Star Wars game.

Enjoy the video. Yes people really did put Star Wars to just about everything they could get their hands on.

Also if you're spazzing about the grace period info posted on Kotaku, it's not correct.

Initially there was not going to be a grace period offered by BioWare. They would turn the servers off Monday night and turn them back on Tuesday when the game officially went on sale. If you don't have your physical or digital copy in hand to enter your code, you won't get to play until it arrived.

But now there's a 2 day grace period for those of us that chose the slow shipping, excluding Amazon customers since that arrived early. Basically you can keep on playing for 2 more days until your game comes in the mail. They won't extend it beyond that, which is cool. Your first 30 day freebe trial will not be counted towards these first 2 days of the game's release.

Kotaku is reporting that people who don't enter their game code during this time will lose all of their character data and have to start from scratch. This is INCORRECT. So please don't believe it. Not everything on the internet is correct. You can see in the SWTOR post linked above that there is no mention of character deletion at all. Because that's silly. The whole point of a head start is to give a bonus of early game play before everyone else and work on your character(s). Nothing in BioWares or EA's clauses says a thing about characters being deleted if you don't get your product key in at release.

So don't freak out.


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