Saturday, December 24, 2011

You Got Flash In My Apple

It's no secret that Apple products and Adobe Flash have had an odd relationship, in that there hasn't been one. Amusing considering that Apple loves Adobe products when it comes to artistic and video editing programs.

There have been numerous attempts in the past to get Flash onto the iPhone, iPad, and other iProducts after the multitude of complaints by customers. There are tons of apps out there, and even Adobe had made an attempt, but they've all been missing components. Some won't play web based games, others won't allow you to access videos or music. They are able to do one thing, but not everything flash related.

But now there is an app that actually works with Flash just like your PC with Windows. Browse2Go Flash does video web browsing and gaming. I had the chance to fiddle with it yesterday and it's pretty nifty. I know my mom isn't into gaming, but just the prospect that her phone can now do all the things that it's meant to do is nice. So there you go you crazy iPhone users. You have Flash that actually works. I'm going to go back to my Android phone now that never had this problem in the first place. >.>


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