Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Ace Attorney Movie Will Rock Your Socks Off

Just look at the screencaps! Even if the acting is terrible, the story is over the top, and the movie just doesn't work, you have to admit that they really are going all out for it. I like the fact that they didn't try to dumb down the character's looks. They gave Phoenix his spiky hair. Gumshoe has that band-aid that is always on his face. Manfred von Karma looks like a pompous asshat. Larry Butz looks like Larry Butz. Thumbs up for this movie.

The only complaint I've been reading from people is that they chose a Japanese cast instead of an American one.

Counter-argument time. The game was made and released in Japan first and then ported to the U.S. with alterations to some locations. In the original AA games, the locations were all centralized in Japan.  When ported to the U.S. they changed to allow gamers to be more connected to the content (we're more likely to care about the characters if they lived in some random city in the U.S. rather then overseas). The only time this wasn't the case was with AA: Investigations where the characters from Zheng-Fa, China were still from China.

Not to mention that a lot of characters are drawn in an ambiguous art-style that could infer that they are of multiple nationalities (i.e. Asian, American, European, etc.). Because of the art, it is very easy to allow a wide variety of people to be connected to the characters without feeling restricted to race, religion, creed, etc.

The fact that this movie takes place in Japan and is casted by Japanese actors doesn't bug me. I never really took the games seriously enough to think that it was happening in America. Japan, I could see it as a plausible nighttime legal drama. Here? It could use way more Law and Order.

I mean come on. They even have Polly the parrot that you cross-examine in the first game. Are we really going to question what nationality the actors should be? >.> In all of it's over-the-top sillyness, this does give me a lot of hope that this will be the start of something wonderful for gaming movies.


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