Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Dummy That Said No To GearBox

That's me.

As some of my close friends know, I've been looking for work for a while and saw that GearBox had a position open for a PlayTest Intern, but a paying gig for 2-4 weeks. Usually they'll have testing sessions that give you a chance to play a game early, but you're not being paid for it. You're in an MMO beta basically.

I submitted the application well over a month ago and answered a few questions about how I felt about certain games, genres, and the like. I still have the answers to my questions. I don't think there's anything wrong with me posting them. Nothing in the material that I submitted or applied to indicated that I couldn't release this information.

I thought my answers were unique. Especially this one, which I was sure would cause a few heads to turn:

Have you played a game in the last year that you didn’t really care for? What made the game not fun or unentertaining? Want did you not like about it? Did you stop playing it? If so, why?

My answer might be controversial, but I have to be honest and say Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The issue I have with the product is that it didn’t provide me with anything new in terms of game play and story telling. It was everything that I have come to expect from a Call of Duty game, and that disappointed me. By this point in time I would have hoped that Activision would have done something to bring new life to the series. For me the game felt like an iteration and not an innovation.

I’m not against sequels, prequels, and the like. Final Fantasy, for example, uses a lot of the same tropes in all of their games, but they introduce new elements of game play with each product. You don’t get the same game with each purchase. Series games such as BioShock also did this quite well, and I’m highly anticipating BioShock Infinite because of this.

For me, I had to stop playing Modern Warfare 3. It didn’t bring anything new to the series and became a let down. I wanted to expect more from it. Sadly, it gave me everything that I had already known about Call of Duty.

Over a month and 2 weeks passed since I applied. I have myself a job now for a good company. It pays the bills and not something I plan to spend my life in, but it's a guaranteed position and it's money in the bank.
Guess who calls and leaves me a voicemail yesterday? GearBox. They opened up a few more positions and were looking to hire me. And while their answering system is the most awesome thing ever, ClapTrap, I had to tell them no unless they could guarantee me that the position would open up to long-term employment.

That hurt my geek soul.

So sorry kids. I'm not going to be testing Borderlands 2. I had to say no to GearBox in order to keep food on the table. Following your dreams can be a bitch sometimes when you're flat ass poor.


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