Thursday, January 05, 2012

Japan's Game Market Down For 5th Straight Year

That's based on a recent overview pulled by Famitsu. Based on sales in Japan alone, there has been an 8% difference in the market. The market has generated over $5.9 billion in sales with $2.3 billion in hardware sales due to the 3DS with a 2.4% increase in the hardware share. But overall, it's been slipping with software revenue dropping over 13%.

One thing that the article fails to look at is why. Because the earthquake and follow-up tsunami did take a pretty big chunk out of business for a good month. I remember SE having to turn off the FF11 FF14 servers to comply with Japan's power conservation rules, for well over a week. It was a pretty rough time and many are still recovering from it. That alone would put a dent into any economy. Low production, few people spending money on luxuries, it makes sense. The fact that sales overall were almost 6 billion is something I would be happy about considering the kind of year that it's been. If anything, next year may be even better.


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