Sunday, January 29, 2012

Minecraft Slurs

In a snapshot of an upcoming build for Minecraft, one of the translators took it upon themselves to throw in the N-word when you swap to the Namibia language setting. Whoops.

For those that don't know Minecraft outsources their development to dedicated users/fans/etc. Mojang was quick to fix that issue and apologized for it; that it was the work of a prankster. A lot of the content in the game is user driven and because they are still a small company, they rely on others to help them with coding. Sometimes stuff like this slips through the cracks, but the fan base is pretty fast at fixing it.

Since this was just a snapshot build, only a handful of people saw this and not the entire Minecraft populace.

Why am I posting this seemingly fixable issue that didn't harm anyone? This quote from the writer:

But unfortunately, this incident proves that the quality assurance structures of larger developers are even more vital when dealing with this kind of development. 

That's right Forbes. Because the big companies don't lack quality assurance.


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