Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Progressive or Just BioWare?

People are apparently freaking out that you can be gay with man-Sheppard in Mass Effect 3. I.E. It's not limited to being fem-shep getting it on with another lady. It is man on man action!

I'm with BioWare on this one. Why is this such a big deal? They're not making a political statement. They're not choosing a side. They are giving their gamers more choices, because that is what they want.

Sex and games is still fairly new so anytime there is something "scandalous" it's brought to the forefront. Hot Coffee anyone? And BW is no stranger to it. Take half a second to think about it's games and one of the first things you'll probably think of is all of the same-sex opportunities that are available. Rockstar isn't far behind on the content.

In fact when BW chose (maybe not the best word since this doesn't exist in the Lucas universe) to not have same-sex relationships in Star Wars The Old Republic, a lot of people got upset, boycotted the beta, and didn't buy the game at release. I'll bet 5 bucks half of those people are playing the game now. I'd love to link to those forums posts but they've all been removed since BW started with a clean slate at release. And some of the things people were typing really didn't make sense. You're going to not buy the game because it doesn't have same-sex content in it? You must not play any video games at all then, but oh wait. I see you have your latest high score in Mortal Kombat in your signature. Yeah. That's how you'll stick it to the man. No pun intended.

While I'm all for the progressive aspects that gaming is aiming to take us, is it really that big of a deal in the end? We're all people, playing a game and living out a fantasy. Not everything has to be focused on politics and a game's interpretation of the real world. Sometimes yes. But when a company is being adamant about not playing, let's take their word for it and move on. They have more important things to worry about. Like fixing PvP in TOR.

It’s the player’s choice. It’s a role-playing game. ~Ray Muzyka

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh Sweet Irony. Bieber sued by Beaver

About two weeks ago, Justin Bieber's attorneys sent a cease and desist letter to the makers of an Android game called Joustin' Beaver. It's a Beaver that is made up to look like Bieber as you fight your way down the steam to get Otter-graphs and knock out Phot-Hogs. I'm not making that up even if I tried.

Beiber's reps claim the game is defaming his image. The company that made the game is suing back at Beiber saying that it's infringing on their first amendment rights. They aren't shy to admitting that Beibermania inspired the game and that it acts as a parody of his real life. Because they are not directly using his name or image, they feel that they have the right to distribute the game as they please. If it were a literal copy/paste of his name and image, then it would be a different story.

RC3 (the company that made the game) is looking for protection from the first amendment in a court ruling. They make a sound claim. It has already been ruled in the past that video games be treated with the same artistic freedom as movies, paintings, television, etc. Even with one as lame of a concept as Beiber being a Beaver. More then likely, the courts will side with the game. If they don't, expect a huge backlash from "celebrities". Beiber could easily claim that RC3 is making a profit off his image and could go after them for more money.

Worse comes to worse, I bet the game got a ton more downloads after the lawsuit came to light.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Today Seems To Be Gamer Job Scam Day

While scanning the news for stories, the first two that appeared on my screen were about the high demand for video game testing jobs. I was curious seeing as last month people were blasting the web about low sales for January compared to 2011's numbers. So let's see what this is about!

Website #1 is about the Game Testers Academy, and reads more like a really bad press release then a "story". Also it you hover over the links, they lead to lord knows where. Really. The links look like a cat sat on the keyboard and made the website links.

Ok next website. The Australian Eye. This looks good so far...oh wait. There it is. Video game testers can work anywhere in the world and can work any time because everything is handled over the internet. Yeah that's not really true 99% of paid game testing requires you to show up at their offices so they can monitor you, get immediate feedback, and such.

If you go to the websites, the real links not the cat dancing on the keyboard links, it's pretty obvious that these are scams. They follow the same pattern of websites that many work at home job seekers see when looking online. Even the web design. They make promises about how easy it is to sign up, get started, make money, and be a guaranteed success! Just make a payment to sign up for their services. What. You didn't expect this to be free did you?

You pay to receive their books, their mailing lists, their "products" on how to be a game tester. Which is sometimes true. Sometimes false. But out of that mess you're suppose to be taught how to get the job to be a tester. Which is also sometimes true. And you have to pay for it. That "ease" of getting the job is followed by $49.99+ being thrown around. They don't actually set you up with interviews, lead you to game designers door steps, or prep you on how to get your foot into the door. They sell you crap off of the gullible.

Think of this as a service announcement to all of my geeks. Don't fall for this junk. People do every day because it guarantees them simplicity. You don't have to leave your couch to get a job as a game tester! The reality is, you do. Just like anything with life, you have to work for it. And if a website is promising you a job for a fee, don't bite. Paying for a job means you are the sucker. The idea of a job is to have them pay you; it doesn't work the other way around.

If you want a job as a game tester, which really isn't the lap of luxury that The Tester makes it out to be (because eating bull testicles is totally what a real game tester does, everyday!), go to the company's website, look for job openings, and apply. If you know someone at the company, that helps out a lot, because so much of that business is who you know to get you in. But being a tester itself? It's not all that great. You are expected to play games for hours on end, provide detailed notes for bugs and suggestions on improvement, and most of the time it's an unpaid internship. Oh, and it's usually not a game that you'll like. Into CoD? Great! Here's a Barbie game to test. You don't get to PICK the game you want to play. You're handed whatever is available that needs testing. Try 8 hours of Barbie's Horse Adventure. That might make you reconsider a few things.

And yes, there are companies out there that focus on testing games for consoles, phones, and computers. You have to do your research and find them. And yes, there are legit websites such as GameTester.com that give you a listing of gaming gigs, both entry and high end, for free. It's important to keep your options open. Many testers are short-term gigs. Depending upon the company's needs, it can turn into a long term job. Companies that work on mobile apps are more likely in need of permanent testers versus video games.

Really, just be aware of what you're clicking. It's sad to see that our domain is being smacked by these scammers, but if people weren't falling for it, then it wouldn't be a problem. If you see a website that uses the format of the others, promising results for money, and even the same web design (simple background, a frame in the center, with lots of large, bolded text, and endless scrolling), close the window and move on.

Friday, February 24, 2012

RedBox Wants You To Buy Their Service!

Starting Sunday the 26th until March 1st, you can rent a game from RedBox for free. It is typically $2.00 a day (I know, pricy right?) to rent a game from their services. But as a trial offer for new peeps, you can rent one game for free during this time frame. The games are for the current gen primary consoles, 360, PS3, and Wii, and range from CODMW3 and Just Dance 3.

What's the catch? Because there always is one.

You only get that first day for free. So if you keep that game longer then a day, you will be charged for the $2.00 each subsequent day you have the game. Good way to screw people over if they're not paying attention to the fine print. I guess the convenience of trying one game for one day that you were unsure of buying would be reason enough to give it a shot. But if you forget to return it within 24 hours, you will get hosed. Always that fine print...

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

If You Are In The D.C. Area March 17th...

Kojima-san will be at the Smithsonian for a special lecture for it's series The Art of Video Games.

Oh how I wish I could drop everything and go. I would give up going to the convention I have planned that weekend to see Mr. Kojima.

So if you are in the area, GO! Don't even think about it. Don't question it. Go buy your ticket, which began sales today, and go. And it's free. You just have to get a ticket to get in because it's going to be packed.

The Smithsonian will host other panels throughout it's exhibit with game designers, such as RJ Mical (God of War, and LBP2) and Ken Levine (Bioshock). There will also be screenings of the original TRON movie and King Kong. I'm not entirely sure why, but ok. It's their shindig. Ok well I can argue for TRON. It's a movie about being sucked into a computer game. King Kong is a lost cause to attempt a tie-in.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

World Wide Game Rating Is On The Way

The ESRB is pulling together all of it's international resources to come up with a rating system that can be applied to all countries. The ratings themselves won't change in whatever part of the world that you're from, but the system on how the rating is obtained will. It will become more automated with less need to watch game footage or play the games themselves.

Patricia Vance, one of the head honchos, said that the need to grow is because of the boom in phone apps.

"None of us are used to having to rate hundreds of thousands of products. We're used to the typical flow of boxed CDs or movies or games."

Hundreds of new games are released on Apple and Android marketplace and most of them ignore the rules and standards set in place by the ESRB. While they continue to work on a mobile app to make rating phone games more streamlined, they want to apply the same settings to boxed video games. Here is the downside to the new system that will make some child advocates a little leary.

Game developers have to use the honor system when answering the questionnaire about their games.

As Vance points out in the article, devs don't have a reason to lie about the content of their games and there will be spot checks. But I know that someone is going to throw a tissy and start an uproar. Queue Fox News.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Girls Who Are Boys Who Are Girls

I only bring this article up because the comments are infuriating. Even after thousands of years of existence, people still have to separate men and women into arbitrary stereotypes. Woman and girls have to like pink and Barbie. Men and boys have to like blue and trucks.

If you want to be lazy and not read, the article is about the importance of nurturing children if they decide to not do the gender stereotype thing, and to help them in situations where they are being bullied. Most of the comments are trolls; funny that CNN of all places has trolls. But some are people being serious and typing "girls are girls. boys are boys. if your girl doesn't want to wear a dress, get her to a doctor." Is that really necessary? What's wrong with a girl not wanting to wear a dress? That doesn't make her any less of a girl or a human. She has just as much of a right to not wear a dress just as a little boy has the right to play with a Cabbage Patch Kid.

Gender stereotypes have eaten at me for years. I've been fortunate to have the parents that I do. They have always been supportive of me and my choices in life. And while I may be more womanly now then I was a decade ago, I still hate dresses and skirts. I like pants. I don't like the color pink, or red, or yellow, or anything considered "girly." My favorite color is blue. Not that blue, but this blue. I love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, and Legos. And I like the American Girl dolls too, back when they were cool and told stories of strong, independent girls, not the crap they have going on today with facials. What is the value in having a facial with your doll? >.>

I've been made fun of for not being girly. I never let it get to me as much as others may have. My parents were there and allowed me to be me. Thanks mom and dad!

But the comments on that article...such ignorance. The real comments, not the fake ones. This is why our society is going down the toilet. And why girls and woman can't break into the gaming industry as equals. We will always be seen as "outsiders" until we are thought of as the same. Which will probably never happen. /sigh

I'm ranting. I know. It would be nice to see in my lifetime a moment where girls are considered equal to their male peers in gaming.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

TMNT Reborn!

Something has happened in the past few years that has made Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles popular again.In 2007 there was that animated version of the turtles, with Patrick Stewart. Always a win-win. They've been cropping up on television here and there, and the arcade version was on WiiWare for a while, until Konami's license expired.

Nickelodeon is currently rebooting the show for CGI. Playmates, a toy company, will launch a line of action figures to accompany it. IDW comics is also refreshing the franchise with a monthly series. So of course, there has to be a game coming out, right?

Activision has the rights to any gaming license now, and this image from the International Toy Fair shows that something is in the works. You don't cross-promote with Acti unless you know you are getting a product out of it.

For many of us in our generation, TMNT was the sh*t. We each had our favorite turtle, because we couldn't like them all. We respected Splinter and wanted Shredder, aka chrome dome, to finally get his butt kicked. And I'm sure some guys out there discovered puberty due to April. Turtle mania in the late 80's/early 90's created movies (with Corey Feldman) and it's own section of Universal Studio's theme park in Orlando. I remember getting so excited to get Donatello's autograph when I was a kid, even though it turned out to be a stamp in my book, but that was ok! What kicked everything off for most of us was the Arcade Game. We would spend hours upon hours at the arcades playing this, and then jumping to The Simpsons. And then we would go home to our Nintendo's and play it some more! You were not cool in the arcades unless you could beat TMNT in 5 hours without loosing a life.

I'm curious and excited to see what Activision brings to the franchise. Still dislike them for their repetitive nature with CoD, but maybe this will give them a chance to grow where they need to.

Friday, February 17, 2012

You're Missing The Point of the ESRB!

The Family Practice News (I know; it sounds like a trustworthy publication) is telling parents to disregard the ESRB. Throw it's ratings out the window! You don't need them! Why? Because they are a part of the gaming industry, employed by people with no training in child psychology, and do not play the games before making their decisions. Instead you should use Commonsense Media, because they come from parents. Parents that care. Because the ESRB is evil and doesn't care about your kids!

I took a look at the Commonsense website. Apparently they list Beauty & The Beast, the Academy Award winning DISNEY movie as too sexy for kids to watch. Take that as you wish.

Now, I'll agree with the fact that the ESRB's age system in regards to ratings is a bit arbitrary and does mimic the MPAA's version. And the reason the ESRB was created was so that video games didn't become regulated by the government, as with what happened with the movies and the MPAA. The gaming industry knew it needed to create a system, and took it upon themselves.

And yes it's true, the ESRB doesn't get a chance to play the games. However, their sample is more then a few minutes of game footage. In most cases, they will receive upwards of 10 hours of both cut-scenes and game-play. Gaming developers are required to list every possible aspect of the game that would determine their rating in writing. If they miss out on something, they can get a pretty big hefty fine from the ESRB.

Many parents like the system as it is. In fact, the ESRB talks about it on their website and it got an approval from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

One thing the article overlooks is the amount of detail that is given for each rating, and tag on the back of the game box. It lists exactly what is in the game. Sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, nudity, swearing, guns, girls, ammo, adult situations...you name it! With the MPAA you get a very generic idea of what type of content is in the film. With the ESRB, they list it all out for you! That's the difference and that's why the system is still working. And a good crutch for retailers. "Well I didn't know what content was in the game." "Ma'am, it's on the box. Right there. Where it says 'Contains this, this, this, and that.' "

I don't understand this need to constantly bash media for the world's problems. It's your fault for being a bad parent. Admit to it, fix it, and stop blaming others for your mistakes.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

First Wii. Then Jungle. Now, Durango!

I seriously would like to know who comes up with the names for gaming systems and their codenames. I'd also love to know how much they are getting paid, because that has to be the easiest job known to man.

We all know that Microsoft is working on a new gaming console. We've been aware of it for a while. But now we've got a codename. Durango~

It sounds like a sports utility vehicle that is way too big for a mom to be driving. And it's probably endorsed by a clown, or a spider monkey. Everyone loves monkeys, and the rarer they are, the more we love them. We'll buy anything from you crazy clown and spider monkey.

Is this the final name of the product? God I hope not. It is a codename after-all. Wii called theirs the Revolution first before it became Wii. So there's some possibility that it will be better then that. Probably Xbox 720 like everyone expects.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gaming Movies.. Still Suck If This Is Real.

I don't know if this is really, real or another story made up by the interwebs.

Sony Pictures has signed Brian Taylor, the co-director for the upcoming Ghost Rider movie, to write and direct a Twisted Metal pic. Jaffe made fun of it in a tweet on Twitter. "This just in. Twisted Metal movie will contain no story." You know about that stuff all too well, don't you Jaffe?

There's really no other info, which makes me wonder if it's a legitimate story. Because what would be the point of a TM movie? You drive a car and blow shit up. I know that's not very far from most action movies these days, but at least they have some framework to go around. So yeah. There you go.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For the Love of Relationship...and Games.

Well February started out great with news. And then it feels into the eventual pitfall of suck. Every day I see the same story about “January’s sale numbers the worse in history!” Today it’s all about video game “couples” and “relationships”. I already know that the couple that games together stays together. I didn’t need to see a study about it:  Oh wait. There it is!
February 14th. What a sad, obligatory “holiday.” Does anyone even know why we celebrate Valentine’s day? It’s supposed to be a day to remember a Christian martyr, Saint Valentinus Somehow it morphed into a day of romance and sending cards in the 19th century to the capitalistic endeavor that it is today. There are a lot of legends about it too; that Saint Valentinus last words were “Be Mine” or “From Your Valentine” and that’s why we see it on those chalk-heart candies. Or that February 14th is the day when birds start mating. I’m not sure why or how they came up with that conclusion, but apparently if the birds are mating then so should humans?
I don’t understand this holiday. It’s basically an excuse for people to not show that they care about another person until this one day out of the entire year. And that seems silly to me. I’d much rather be surprised at random with affection. Having a pre-determined time and day seems…pointless. Isn’t a part of being in love supposed to be about the unexpected moments of passion?
I’m just saying.
To me, it’s obvious that gaming keeps a couple together because that’s what I do. I’m a gamer. The b/f is a gamer. We spend more time when we game as a unit; in doing so we share our interests and get more involved in one another’s lives. It just makes sense to me.
Got a boy/girlfriend that isn’t into gaming? Start out on something simple that’s multiplayer. Take up a simulation game, use Facebook, Words with Friends, or if you’re gutsy go for an FPS (get Resident Evil at least-that has women-folk in it). If you want your significant other to be in your life, get them involved in your hobbies. Even if they don’t like it and stop, at least they’ll have an understanding on why you do the things you do and are more likely to try new things with you in the future. That’s how you can keep a relationship going if you’re invested in it.
There. Now where’s my $100,000 check. I just saved some school some pointless research money. >.>

Monday, February 13, 2012

The "One Part Lazy. One Part Busy." Post

I've been MIA this weekend to attend a convention where I was a guest judge for a cosplay contest. It was fun. But I am tired and so freekin' busy/behind on...everything. >.> This is completely killing my FF13-2 game time!!!

So here's a story about NASA and their interest in video games. Apparently they have a few Facebook games to get the public to understand what their current and future projects will be about. We may no longer be sending man to the moon, but they have a lot more stuff in the works. Like Mars. And like most of the LeapFrog games, they focus on eduction first, game design later. It's a short, quick, interesting read to see how programs outside of the norm are using gaming to develop.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Hell Jaffe?!

There goes David Jaffe running his mouth again. He's good at it. Not good in the sense of he's right. But good that he has a knack for doing it.

He recently gave a keynote regarding the state of video games and that games and movies don't go together. Which I'll agree with. Games based on movies and vice-versa just don't work. They are two different mediums of entertainment that don't transpose to one another so easily. The most successful is Resident Evil and that has been pulled so far away from the games that it doesn't resemble even 1% of the original content.

That's not what I wanted to talk about. It's the rest of his speech.

On telling stories in games: I think it's a waste of time and resources, and it has stunted the medium of video games.
Wait. Backup here. I know you're not known for great story telling but come on. Really? The telling of stories is stunting the growth of the industry

I know you've been busy with Twisted Metal. I get that it's a game about driving zany vehicles and blowing up your friends. But I'm not going to spend $59.99 on a game that doesn't have a story. I <3 Twisted Metal but that will not be a day one purchase for me just for that reason. I'll wait until it drops to $29.99 and then I'll think about it.

It seems...moronic to say the least to proclaim that stories and interjecting philosophy into games is a waste of time. To say that we shouldn't be would stunt the growth of the industry. You CAN have fun playing a game that is focused on story. Limbo is a great example of this. Very simple graphics and game-play but it is a powerful story that drives people to play. And you know what? It's a lot of fun to play as the character and go along his journey.

I don't know. I think David got smacked by the clown or something. This just seems like crazy talk. Sure I enjoy the occasional mindless slaying of aliens, but all the time? No thanks. I enjoy playing games that challenge my brain to think outside of the box.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Japan's Arcade Gamers

This is a great example of games being for all ages. Japan's legendary Akihabara is home to everything electronic, with gaming being no exception. This district of Tokyo is always busy, and as of late there has been an increase in the age of customers at the parlors.

With birth rates continuing to decline and life expectancies increasing, gaming companies are taking the opportunity to branch out to new potential gamers, those over the age of 60. The aging population is a great resource to tap, in more ways then one. Sega and other companies are exploring everything from Pachinko type of games to what we as American's think of as arcade games, like old school Street Fighter and The Simpsons. (crappy tie-in, I know)

Arcades are now offering senior discount days, and instead of tokens and mobile tickets (for the youngins' with cell phones) points are calculated on simple sheets of paper and handed in for prizes. Ah prizes...I remember those days. I wonder if my 1,000+ Putt-Putt tickets are still good. Probably not.

I wouldn't be surprised to see this as a growing trend over the next decade or so. Our age group is about to turn 30 and for many of us, we've been around since the birth of gaming. I don't think we'll be letting go of it anytime soon. So kids, don't be mean to us old peeps.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Simpsons Arcade Game Now On Consoles

Talk about nostalgia. I remember spending hours with my brother in the Putt-Putt Arcade room playing this game. Since 1991, it has been a favorite amongst my age-group. It was a simple premise. Taking the characters of Springfield and you as one of the Simpson family members must make your way across the city to get Maggie back, who's been kidnapped by Mr. Burns. I don't remember why, but there was a reason behind it. It was like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but with the Simpsons and the loveable characters.

After a few failed attempts at getting this to homes, it has come to fruition. Backbone Entertainment working with Konami, who still holds the rights to the game, will have a downloadable version ready on the PSN starting tomorrow and it's currently available on Xbox 360 to mark the show's 500th episode. From what I've read, it sounds like the classic just with a minor visual update. That's fine with me. The Simpsons could use a face lift.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

There Were Game Companies That Supported SOPA

Or at least went the route of neutral. It was a big deal last month when Wikipedia did a 24 hour blackout, along with thousands of other sites. Google didn't, but they blacked out their logo. It was enough for people to freak out and caused the bill to become delayed while they re-work it.

And we know that a lot of the silicon valley companies and gaming groups were against SOPA because it infringed on a lot of freedom of expression that comes with the internet. But you know that there had to be a few in the group that were supporting it. They just weren't as vocal, and some of these I'm not surprised about. I know. My cynicism is showing again.

The biggest companies/groups against SOPA were Epic Games, ala Gears of War fame, and the Major League of Gaming. The latter got so upset at GoDaddy for their support of SOPA that they removed all 100+ of their website domains from GoDaddy's service. I did not know this and major ouch to them. That's their bread and butter. Because of the backlash, GoDaddy did a quick about-face and changed their stance; though I don't know if MLG returned to their service.

The obvious support for SOPA came from the largest or the largest gaming developers. EA (who's not surprised about that), Sony Computer Entertainment, Capcom, SEGA, and the ESA. The ones that have the money and probably have most of their content pirated. Sony I can understand since they are linked to their parent company that also produces films, television shows, and music where most of the support came from. EA was playing the neutral card; which when you think about it is kind of funny considering how much crap they're in for a recent lawsuit about content in games. SEGA also did the neutral route. But neutral is just as annoying in this particular situation. You're not saying you're for or against the bill so you really don't care about the right to free artistic voice, something the game community promotes. Good call. And Capcom...well Capcom has been an ahole as of late so I'm not surprised at all that they would side with SOPA.

Not that any of this will affect your point of view about SOPA, but it was interesting to read that not even one of the big publishers/developers could stand up and say No.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Angry KISS Birds

From the team that brought you Angry Birds, Roxio is in negotiations with super metal group KISS, yes that KISS, to make a video game.

KISS hasn't been that into games in the past, says Gene Simmons, because they weren't exciting or original enough. KISS Pinball clearly wasn't the way to go. But now that there are new games and concepts coming out, they want in.

They're also talking to Sony for other projects.

When you think about it, KISS has been on everything. Shirts. Bedspreads. Mugs. Condoms. Guitars. May as well give them more video games. The KISS phenom is still a pretty powerful force. Maybe their own Rock Band game? That would be appropriate. Easy million sales there.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Explosion of Stories!

February is starting out with massive amounts of gaming and social networking news. Already this one day makes up for the lack of stories last month.

First up, Facebook. Because if you're living under a rock, you know that today Facebook went public, and people are buying it up like mad. It was originally estimated to be worth 100 billion, and some people are still claiming that to be true. With it's stock going up for sale, it'll be interesting to see what happens. Facebook is still as ever popular and continues to grow in numbers. Not even Google + is able to catch up, for now. So of course if you have money BUY STOCK. XD

Next, the government, mostly the one's inside the shiny white building, are spearheading a project to study the benefits of video games over an 18 month period. It's something they hope to implement into museum tours and the like to get kids more interested in history. It's nice to see a project where it isn't about the negative side of gaming. There are lots of great stuff to that gets overlooked!

Kazuo of Sony is being entrusted to become the next president and CEO of Sony. The man has turned the face of the company and really pushed to market the PS3 properly, when before it was just kind of there and getting an asswhooping by Microsoft in the U.S. His task is to get the focus onto the Vita and help boost profits after a few years of economic woes.

And in stupid news, an Oklahoma representative wants to instate a tax on violent video games to help curb the rise in bullying and obesity in children.

I'll let that sink in for a moment.

His logic is that too many kids are being picked on and getting fat for playing games. He wants to propose a 1% tax increase on games rated by the ESRB as T, M, or AO and use those funds to help with kids programs to prevent bullying and obesity. Reading the bill, it's some interesting language. Apparently it's needed "immediately" to help with public safety. Ok then. Good luck with that bill.