Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For the Love of Relationship...and Games.

Well February started out great with news. And then it feels into the eventual pitfall of suck. Every day I see the same story about “January’s sale numbers the worse in history!” Today it’s all about video game “couples” and “relationships”. I already know that the couple that games together stays together. I didn’t need to see a study about it:  Oh wait. There it is!
February 14th. What a sad, obligatory “holiday.” Does anyone even know why we celebrate Valentine’s day? It’s supposed to be a day to remember a Christian martyr, Saint Valentinus Somehow it morphed into a day of romance and sending cards in the 19th century to the capitalistic endeavor that it is today. There are a lot of legends about it too; that Saint Valentinus last words were “Be Mine” or “From Your Valentine” and that’s why we see it on those chalk-heart candies. Or that February 14th is the day when birds start mating. I’m not sure why or how they came up with that conclusion, but apparently if the birds are mating then so should humans?
I don’t understand this holiday. It’s basically an excuse for people to not show that they care about another person until this one day out of the entire year. And that seems silly to me. I’d much rather be surprised at random with affection. Having a pre-determined time and day seems…pointless. Isn’t a part of being in love supposed to be about the unexpected moments of passion?
I’m just saying.
To me, it’s obvious that gaming keeps a couple together because that’s what I do. I’m a gamer. The b/f is a gamer. We spend more time when we game as a unit; in doing so we share our interests and get more involved in one another’s lives. It just makes sense to me.
Got a boy/girlfriend that isn’t into gaming? Start out on something simple that’s multiplayer. Take up a simulation game, use Facebook, Words with Friends, or if you’re gutsy go for an FPS (get Resident Evil at least-that has women-folk in it). If you want your significant other to be in your life, get them involved in your hobbies. Even if they don’t like it and stop, at least they’ll have an understanding on why you do the things you do and are more likely to try new things with you in the future. That’s how you can keep a relationship going if you’re invested in it.
There. Now where’s my $100,000 check. I just saved some school some pointless research money. >.>


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