Friday, February 24, 2012

RedBox Wants You To Buy Their Service!

Starting Sunday the 26th until March 1st, you can rent a game from RedBox for free. It is typically $2.00 a day (I know, pricy right?) to rent a game from their services. But as a trial offer for new peeps, you can rent one game for free during this time frame. The games are for the current gen primary consoles, 360, PS3, and Wii, and range from CODMW3 and Just Dance 3.

What's the catch? Because there always is one.

You only get that first day for free. So if you keep that game longer then a day, you will be charged for the $2.00 each subsequent day you have the game. Good way to screw people over if they're not paying attention to the fine print. I guess the convenience of trying one game for one day that you were unsure of buying would be reason enough to give it a shot. But if you forget to return it within 24 hours, you will get hosed. Always that fine print...


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