Sunday, February 05, 2012

There Were Game Companies That Supported SOPA

Or at least went the route of neutral. It was a big deal last month when Wikipedia did a 24 hour blackout, along with thousands of other sites. Google didn't, but they blacked out their logo. It was enough for people to freak out and caused the bill to become delayed while they re-work it.

And we know that a lot of the silicon valley companies and gaming groups were against SOPA because it infringed on a lot of freedom of expression that comes with the internet. But you know that there had to be a few in the group that were supporting it. They just weren't as vocal, and some of these I'm not surprised about. I know. My cynicism is showing again.

The biggest companies/groups against SOPA were Epic Games, ala Gears of War fame, and the Major League of Gaming. The latter got so upset at GoDaddy for their support of SOPA that they removed all 100+ of their website domains from GoDaddy's service. I did not know this and major ouch to them. That's their bread and butter. Because of the backlash, GoDaddy did a quick about-face and changed their stance; though I don't know if MLG returned to their service.

The obvious support for SOPA came from the largest or the largest gaming developers. EA (who's not surprised about that), Sony Computer Entertainment, Capcom, SEGA, and the ESA. The ones that have the money and probably have most of their content pirated. Sony I can understand since they are linked to their parent company that also produces films, television shows, and music where most of the support came from. EA was playing the neutral card; which when you think about it is kind of funny considering how much crap they're in for a recent lawsuit about content in games. SEGA also did the neutral route. But neutral is just as annoying in this particular situation. You're not saying you're for or against the bill so you really don't care about the right to free artistic voice, something the game community promotes. Good call. And Capcom...well Capcom has been an ahole as of late so I'm not surprised at all that they would side with SOPA.

Not that any of this will affect your point of view about SOPA, but it was interesting to read that not even one of the big publishers/developers could stand up and say No.


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