Saturday, February 18, 2012

TMNT Reborn!

Something has happened in the past few years that has made Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles popular again.In 2007 there was that animated version of the turtles, with Patrick Stewart. Always a win-win. They've been cropping up on television here and there, and the arcade version was on WiiWare for a while, until Konami's license expired.

Nickelodeon is currently rebooting the show for CGI. Playmates, a toy company, will launch a line of action figures to accompany it. IDW comics is also refreshing the franchise with a monthly series. So of course, there has to be a game coming out, right?

Activision has the rights to any gaming license now, and this image from the International Toy Fair shows that something is in the works. You don't cross-promote with Acti unless you know you are getting a product out of it.

For many of us in our generation, TMNT was the sh*t. We each had our favorite turtle, because we couldn't like them all. We respected Splinter and wanted Shredder, aka chrome dome, to finally get his butt kicked. And I'm sure some guys out there discovered puberty due to April. Turtle mania in the late 80's/early 90's created movies (with Corey Feldman) and it's own section of Universal Studio's theme park in Orlando. I remember getting so excited to get Donatello's autograph when I was a kid, even though it turned out to be a stamp in my book, but that was ok! What kicked everything off for most of us was the Arcade Game. We would spend hours upon hours at the arcades playing this, and then jumping to The Simpsons. And then we would go home to our Nintendo's and play it some more! You were not cool in the arcades unless you could beat TMNT in 5 hours without loosing a life.

I'm curious and excited to see what Activision brings to the franchise. Still dislike them for their repetitive nature with CoD, but maybe this will give them a chance to grow where they need to.


  1. I don't like the art style too much, but hopefully new good games will come

  2. @Adam: Agreed. The art style leaves something to be desired, but I'm keeping a positive tune that something good will come from it.


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