Tuesday, February 21, 2012

World Wide Game Rating Is On The Way

The ESRB is pulling together all of it's international resources to come up with a rating system that can be applied to all countries. The ratings themselves won't change in whatever part of the world that you're from, but the system on how the rating is obtained will. It will become more automated with less need to watch game footage or play the games themselves.

Patricia Vance, one of the head honchos, said that the need to grow is because of the boom in phone apps.

"None of us are used to having to rate hundreds of thousands of products. We're used to the typical flow of boxed CDs or movies or games."

Hundreds of new games are released on Apple and Android marketplace and most of them ignore the rules and standards set in place by the ESRB. While they continue to work on a mobile app to make rating phone games more streamlined, they want to apply the same settings to boxed video games. Here is the downside to the new system that will make some child advocates a little leary.

Game developers have to use the honor system when answering the questionnaire about their games.

As Vance points out in the article, devs don't have a reason to lie about the content of their games and there will be spot checks. But I know that someone is going to throw a tissy and start an uproar. Queue Fox News.


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