Tuesday, March 06, 2012

FoxNews FakeOut

While strolling through the Google News to see what is going on with the gaming world today, I saw the following headline:

Playing Video Games is Good for You - FoxNews

Holy crap! FoxNews has a good story about video games? I gotta see this.

Well that's what I get for having hope. The story was posted on FoxNews Latino, which is the not really Hispanic version of FoxNews, in that it does stories without being biased and talks about Hispanics, but it's not in Spanish and it's not FoxNews. If that makes sense.

And the story is about what you would expect. Games help develop creativity, comprehension, hand-eye coordination,  increased attentiveness, and all that. I realize that it's a lot of ask for but maybe one day FoxNews will surprise the world and bring us unbiased, opinionated, real news.


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