Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kickster Is Taking Over!

For those who don’t know, Kickster is the new wonder boy of the internet. You have a project that’s pretty creative and you can’t find the financial backing from corporations to get it started. Kickster, aka Kick Starter, was founded with the belief that the people of the interwebs can help you make your project come to life.
You pitch your idea to the internet along with a money goal and timeframe you wish to receive the money. If you get enough donations from people, you get to keep the money, minus a 10% finder’s fee from Kickster. If you don’t achieve that money goal, then you get squat and so does Kickster.
Some of the ideas are pretty dumb. Who really wants to have a spoon shaped like a bug? But then you have some that are pretty genius. NY Times released an article roughly a month ago about some nifty gadgets for iPads and cell phones all by using startup money via Kickster.
Games are jumping on board too. Double Fine Adventure posted in February seeking $400k to start a game; to bring back some classic point and click adventure games. They ended up exceeding that goal within 8 hours, and just hit the $3.3 million mark yesterday. Along with 87,000+ backers, it’s the highest any one project has received on Kickster. It’s a testament to the power of the internet. Given a chance, people can come up with some amazing things. It’s just getting that initial investment that can be troublesome.
The company’s founder promises that the funds will be used to improve the quality of the games, and be able to distribute them on multiple platforms such as PC, consoles, droids, etc.
It really is a good time to try and get your ideas out there if you have that knack for inventing or are artistically inclined. Gives hope to the smaller companies that they have a chance at making it.
And happy Pi day! Enjoy it in the wrong way possible by making a Pie. >.>


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