Friday, March 09, 2012

Not To Be Outdone By DC Universe, Archie Is Going To Games

Gogii Games, funny name I know but they're Canadian so they are forgiven, has joined with the Archie comic franchise to create an MMO-like game out of the Archie universe. From the way it reads, you can create a character within this world and interact with the ones that are in the comic series.

Why Archie? Well it's been around since 1941 and has world-wide appeal. It's estimated that over 2 billion people have read an Archie comic at one point in their life, in comparison to SuperMan who would be more like half a million. And it's still going!

"We’re excited and honoured to be partnering with Gogii Games,” Archie co-CEO Jon Goldwater said in a news release. “They came up with a way to really bring the comics to life and to engage an entirely new and fervent fan base. We can’t wait for this game to go live across all platforms and countries.”

When released, the game will be free to play (but you spend money if you want the cool stuff) and accessible world-wide. To note, this is not like the Riverdale Run game. Usually comic based games suck, like movie based games. Maybe free to play will be a good path to follow.


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