Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The "Right" Way To Play A Video Game

This is one of those thinking articles that I like and discussions I’ll get into with friends from time to time.

How do you know if you are playing a game properly?

That whole “you’re doing it wrong!” meme is the reasoning behind Sean Sands article. He looks at why a game may not be as well received by some, but loved by others. And it turns out, he feels that it’s because he is not looking at it from the perspective that the developers had intended it. In fact, he was playing them all wrong.

Once he got into the mindset of what the game was attempting to achieve, he developed a better understanding for the game.

This is something I tell people all the time when they start ragging on Final Fantasy XIII. There are a lot of great things about the game, but to get through it you have to change your perception of how to play it. You can do the traditional RPG grind-fest, but you’ll overlook the purpose of the game. You can’t approach FF13 like other RPG’s, just like with Mass Effect. And that’s why so many people dump on them. Admit it. For every one of you that likes ME, there are at least 2 that don’t. Myself included. And as with any game, I give it a fair shot. I try to understand how to play and what method works best at comprehending what the developers were trying to do.

I’m not saying that it always works. There are some games that you are just not going to like and it may not be because you were playing it incorrectly. But allow yourself to try it. Move outside of your comfort gaming zone and be bold. It won’t kill you. If anything, you’ll be a more well-informed human being by doing so.

Sands, keep up the good work.


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