Sunday, March 18, 2012

Why Video Games Are Not A Waste of Time

I'm not going to lie. I'm phoning this post in. It's been a long convention weekend at All-Con Dallas and now I really want to make Mandalorian armor. But the blog is being neglected. I must save it!

So the Wichita Eagle posted a story about a young girl being so bright and full of promise that there's no way she could be addicted to video games. Sure enough, she is.

“Killing people is fun,” she says.

I see where they were going with the interview, but for how intelligent the reporter was attempting to make her out to be, they didn't do a great job of showing it. That's probably the only solid quote from the girl throughout the article. So once again, they are perpetuating the stereotype indirectly.

I'd like to think the media has a hidden agenda, but it might be to the point that people do it subconsciously. We have to make teenagers sound stupid. We have to make all black people scary. We have to make every foreign country evil. I don't think they intend for it to happen, but it's become so commonplace that is does.

Long story short, we're still not climbing the social ladder for acceptance.


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