Monday, April 16, 2012

EA Is Still A Dick

So after a year of complaining and consumers fighting against them, EA has FINALLY done something about their suspend/banning system. The long and short of it, if you were suspended or banned online through multiplayer activities, you were basically locked out of the game for good, including single player mode. Regardless of what you did online or on the forums, it’s not reason to be permanently locked out of a game that you paid for. Banned online? Ok. Banned from playing the game on your personal computer and no one else? Lame.
So! The change is that if you’re banned online from in-game multiplayer, you can still play your games offline without interruption. However the prema-suspension/ban on forums is still there so you’re screwed if you mess upon the forums. And as others have proven in the past, even quoting someone from another post can get you banned, though you had nothing to do with the original post and the original postee is still able to carry on with their business.

And people wonder why we name EA the worse company of the year.


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