Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Hey. Fox News. I found a story for you.

This is what happens when you let people talk on the internet without doing any research or news reporting:

$5.00 says that will be a story on Fox News within the week.

Teachers are warning against children playing video games because they re-enact the scenes on the playground, such as violent car crashes. They claim children are acting out more in classes, come in tired to school, and are potentially developing seizures because of video game use.

I’m not buying that last point either.

But the icing to the cake is that there is 0 evidence being provided to back up these claims. Just “accounts” on what teachers are “perceiving” is happening. They’re not taking that extra step to find out what’s going on. Maybe those children are tired because they’ve been up all night going reading a book for class. They could be “acting out” from frustration in school, bullying, or other issues that may be occurring at home. They could be playing cops and robbers because…that’s what kids do! It was fine for you 30, 40, 50+ years ago. It’s still fine now!

As I said, Fox News is going to eat this story up.

There’s really 0 facts being applied to this story. The only tiny sliver of hope is a teacher, Robin Bevan, said there was no attempt to verify the claims being made, thus no facts to prove that these claims are real and research needs to be done. So yea. A teacher that gets it!

Anyone else getting annoyed by society lately and their rampant abuse of gamers?


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