Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One Notch In The Belt

Baron and Budd reached a settlement with GameStop Corp. regarding the sale of used games that advertise downloadable content on the box.

Basically the issue is this: Baron and Budd is claiming false advertising because GameStop is selling used games with boxes that claim that online content and downloadable features are included. Which their not, because it’s a used game and the original owner owns the rights to said game. That’s why it’s used. You’re paying for second hand.

But with EA becoming more hands-on with used game sales and DRM, consumers typically pay up to $15 for the extra content that came with the original game, but not the used one. Under the settlement, for the next two years California GameStop stores must post signs over the used game section as well as online that additional purchases may be required to access downloadable content.

Also, a list of games has been posted that would affect California consumers: To which you are entitled to some form of credit, basically a check and a coupon for future GameStop purchases. Because let’s face it. They are going to try and keep the money in the family. Customers really don’t get squat. Note: This only applies to those customers in California. If you’re not there, then you’re sol. But Baron and Budd are looking to expand this to the other states, so feel free to complain on their facebook page.

It’s not going to stop GameStop from used game sales. But it does show how much publishers are pushing back against used sales.


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