Sunday, April 22, 2012

Parents Don't Understand

A mother in California is suing Facebook for allowing her teenage son to buy their online currency for their games without her consent. She's looking to seek up to $5 million to be refunded back to her and other parents.

This sounds scary and what not, but the mom is not looking at the issues fully.

1.) Your Son Stole Your Credit Card.

I would be greatly concerned about this and look into punishing your son. Not blaming Facebook for being a crappy parent. Or if you willingly gave him your card, he still stole your money by buying more then the allotted amount you set for him.

2.) Facebook, just like multiple retailers that sell video games, R rated movies, "adult content" music, and the like, has a notification that you must by 17 or older and the holder of said credit card before making a purchase. If you "agree" then it absolves Facebook of any wrong-doing.

GameStop has this, and man they get away with it. It's not their fault that your kid took your credit card, went online, hit the "agree" button and consenting that he is a legal adult to buy an M rated title. If anything, that kid can be counter-sued. He lied to facebook by claiming that he was an adult. Fine print people. It's there for a reason and can save a company's ass.

3.) Did the mom talk to Facebook about a refund?

The article nor the court documents don't really say. I'm sure if she explained it to them and said "hey, my kid stole my card and made an unauthorized purchase," they would work with her to get a refund on the game credits that haven't been spent. Not all businesses are dicks. Only some of them, most of the time.

Said mother is stating Facebook's system is not enough to weed out the kids that are using stolen credit cards. If this does get looked at in court and rules in her favor, expect all of your gaming purchasing websites to be changing. Imagine sitting through 20 pages of BS from Steam or Amazon just to buy an M rated game? You'll probably end up getting a call from the retailer as well to verify your identity. What fun. -_-


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