Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Star Wars Nerds, Listen Up!

Ok. I have nothing to say other then I completely agree with this Stephen Totilo, which is a rare thing.

Star Wars old schoolers, you really are making it worse.

I’m probably one of the few original fans that advocates Episodes 1-3. They’re not that bad! Seriously! You have to keep in mind that Star Wars was built on the foundation that it should entertain all ages. There are adult things and kid things in all of the movies. Yes C3PO was ALWAYS that cheesy with his one liners. Look at RotJ. You can’t tell me he wasn’t cheestastic back then. And it was great! That’s why we love him. Or tolerate him depending upon your point of view.

I’ve talked to fans that have been adamant about not playing TOR because it doesn’t represent the “true Star Wars universe.” Really? Ok. You’re missing out on a fun time. But hey. That’s your call. My dad is an old school Star Wars guy. He plays it and he’s having a blast as a Bounty Hunter. (I’m still giddy that he picked the Empire.)

What’s available today in merchandising is an update on what use to be. Bed sheets are now Tauntaun sleeping bags. Action figures (still around, I know) are now coffee mugs. The plastic lightsabers are now more expensive plastic lightsabers. There were bad products back then just as there are now. No need to flip out.

So thanks Stephen. They needed a talking to.


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