Monday, April 23, 2012

TV Game - A New Twist!

Syfy and Trion Worlds (Rift) are working together to pitch to advertisers a new joint venture for television and gaming. Defiance, set 30 some-odd years in the future in San Francisco, will be played out both on television and in an MMO setting. Events that happen on the show, will provide aftermath in the game, and vice-versa. Players can potentially influence the future of the show by playing the game.

The show is set to release in April of 2013, and they are looking for some product branding. Not something you typically see so far in advance, but when working on this type of project, you kind of need to.

Syfy is pushing past linear TV and showing there's a bigger environment for advertisers outside the one screen," ~Ellen Ferrari, managing director at Mindshare Ad Agency.

So basically it’s a good excuse to get advertisers in on multiple platforms and not pay as much in the process. Though I think the Burger King example is not the best. There are no Burger Kings in San Fran. At least none that I remember. >.>

I’m not concerned about the advertising. What I do like is that someone is finally taking that step of immersion to make games and television one. Imagine being able to actually transform the stories in the show as it happens. Of course major plot points are already pre-determined as well as some events, but the viewer/user has the ability to influence the future. The information on how the game will pan out is very limited at this time, other then it’ll be an MMO setting and parallel with the television show on Syfy. But the possibilities!


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