Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yelling At Devs Isn't "That" Important

In a sick, twisted sense, I’m kind of glad to see that other people have received death threats. You get them a lot working for customer service. You get them even less when you start reporting every single one of them to the police and word gets out online not to talk to so-and-so at GameStop. They’ll report your ass. :)

I’m not saying that they’re deserved, rather I’m glad that I’m not alone.

Your first time getting one of these, it freaks you out. “It’s just a game people. My god! There’s no reason to get twisted into different directions just because you couldn’t beat Lego Star Wars.”

Yeah. That has happened. People have swore and threatened employees for not being able to finish a Lego game. Everyone thinks I kid when I talk about the horrors of my old job. I wasn’t kidding. And the 50+ people that have walked through that room since then aren’t kidding either.

So I can understand where the CoD devs are coming from. It’s not fun being on that end of the death threat line. 99% of them are simply angry fans who don’t know how to convey their frustration. Instead they spatter off a few swear words and say they’ll kill you in a creative fashion. And then you get that 1% that says they’ll really do it. Then you have to get the police involved, because if you’re going to say “I’m really going to do it” then yeah. We have to be concerned for our safety. I’m surprised the voices in the Kotaku article didn’t turn in more of those e-mails and letters to local police. Some of those things would be very much worthy of an investigation.

Well here’s where we go from here. If you’re going to make empty threats to a gaming company, say, I don’t know the guys that won’t make another Mega Man game, rethink your words. You’ll get through a lot faster, and a lot higher, if you take the time to vocalize your position without swearing or wanting to kill someone’s mama. Start off with “f this, f you, f your ahole” it immediately gets sent to the delete bin. You all might be surprised at how much customer service will respond to you if you’re calm and coherent on the phone or in an e-mail. You’re more likely to be heard.

I seriously need to consider writing a book about this shit. lol I have well over a decade of customer service in my system. I have seen the highs, the lows, and all the crap in-between. Amazon customers…fire up those Kindles!


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