Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Games As Art - Instaillation

This isn’t a new concept, but it’s nice to see that other cities are expanding and incorporating live instillations of video games as art. We’ve been doing this a while at UTD and in the Dallas area. I think we’re at the point now where games as art is becoming more accepted that we’ll start to see other cities jump in.

Starting tonight and running through tomorrow, the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles is holding a Game Art Festival. It’ll showcase games that are free to play as well as art pieces involving or working with games.

“The atmosphere is kind of like a party. It’s a mix between a conference and an art show,” lab manager and co-producer of the event David Elliott stated.

Which is basically what it’s like around here. It’s a fun event where you can play games and experience a new vision of what games can become. Some of the installation’s projects will include the Kinect, a Do It Yourself Cardboard arcade, and an augmented reality simulation using video cameras.

One aspect that I appreciate from the director of the project Eddo Stern, is that hopefully the person experiences the projects in a way that you couldn’t on a computer or gaming system. As well as give light to the endless artistic possibilities that games can provide us. It’s an aspect of my personal work that I have been involved in for years. My time to shine! >.>

I’d be interested in seeing photographs, wall hangings, or video/screen projections of screen shots. It’s amazing the little things that you can find in a video game that most people wouldn’t consider the first time through.


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