Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Movies That Should Be Games

I know I bash on games based on movies a lot. More then a person probably should. Let’s face it. Video games based on movies kind of suck. The only decent one I can remember is Super Star Wars for the SNES. Anyone remember that? Anyone? Didn’t think so.

While I don’t believe that there will ever be a movie based game that will work, I have a few ideas that might come pretty close.

Seriously. The PS3 was MADE for Blade Runner.
Blade Runner. I know there’s a point and click adventure game for the PC from Westwood released in 1997, but it’s not direct from the movie. You don’t get to be Harrison Ford. I want to be Harrison Ford, rounding up the rogue replicants while questioning my own humanity. A psychological action first person adventure. Imagine that world of Blade Runner done on a PS3. Gorgeous! Spending hours hunting and solving puzzles would fit in well. If you’ve seen the Director’s Cut of the movie, you know it’s a total mind f*ck. The game could easily handle that territory.

I’d like to see a Gainex/SE pairing on this one. That would totally blow away any sense of reality or sanity.

This type of animated style isn't need,
but it's still hella cool.
Kill Bill (Volume 1 and 2). The movies are already awesome, so why would I want to make them into a game? The real question you should be asking yourself is, why wouldn’t you want this to be a game? But I wouldn’t do this from the perspective of The Bride. I would rather take the PoV of the other assassin’s prior to the ambush at the chapel, and afterwards. O-Ren’s story is incredible in Volume 1. That little snippet would be fantastic to play out in full. There you go. Game 1 is set.

Konami would be the best fit for the Kill Bill games. Their brand of action and stylization could meet the Tarantino expectations.

Creepy David Bowie...
Labyrinth. It’s a 1986 dungeon crawler with David Bowie. Very D&D-like. The goblin king steals the younger brother of a woman and she must fight her way through a maze to get him back. It’s a game waiting to happen. And with the creative mind of Jim Henson behind the helm, you know it has some crazy creatures to fill those hallways.

WB Interactive/Entertainment, whom currently work on the Lord of the Rings Online would be a good fit. Labrynith could easily start out as a single story-mode game and expand into an MMO once the main story-arc was completed.

This looks like the CoD commercial,
doesn't it?
Gamer. You remember that crappy Gerard Butler movie? Totally would have been much better as a video game. This is an instance where the movie is so bad, that the game would have to be more entertaining. A gamer playing the video game Gamer while trying to determine the difference between reality and fantasy. Mind f*uck #2! You wouldn’t see I coming, but this really has a lot of potential of being one of those games that could change the way we perceive future content.

Totally a Capcom game. If they could put their spin on it, we’d have something great.

Serenity. What? Don’t tell me that you wouldn’t play a FireFly/Serenity video game. We all know you would. It’s Joss Whedon. You’re on a ship with an eclectic cast of characters, exploring the galaxy and reliving those moments you wanted to play out in the tv show and movie. It’s all about playing a cowboy in space. And fans have been clamoring for more ever since the series was cancelled.

Who should make it? I’m torn between NaughtyDog (I’m sure they would love to get more into the sci-fi business) and Irrational Games (the guys that did BioShock). Both would have their own, unique approaches to the game. IG of course has a history of taking things into the unexpected, but providing great character development. ND would give us lots of character and charm that we would want from Serenity. Tough call.

Oh. A character with a distinguished
nose. That's important too.
Charcter development. Go!
Chinatown. It’s LA Noire but with more gut churning, kick in the pants story telling. This classic movie is still one of my favorites, cycling around in my top 3 on a monthly basis. Why would it make a good game? Exploration. As a viewer of the film, I really wanted to dig deep into the gritty world our detective “hero” lived in. We only got a glimpse of downtown, the orange fields, and the clock towers. It would be a completely new experience and give a more in-depth look into what’s truly going on at the core of the story. Just take out the days worth of “following” people. That would get a little boring.

RockStar could easily make this. Just don’t turn it into LA Noire 2. This has to be a separate game with its own feel.

A bad ass man deserves a bad ass game.
 Escape From New York. Or LA. You. Snake Plissken, aka the formation of Solid Snake, aka Kurt Russell have 24 hours to save the President from Manhattan, which has been transformed into a large prison. Guess where the President is and where you’re going? The movies are a John Carpenter classic, and the inspiration for so many of today’s action movies and video games. The story is perfect for the gaming world. You’re fighting an endless throng of convicted felon’s in a post-apocalyptic land. And you have an eye patch. Those are always cool.

Who should make it? Kojima. Duh. It’s obvious wrapped in a taco shell.

You figure it out. I don’t know where I was going with that one.

Nick. Stop playing around.
We have to make explosions happen!
The Rock. This is one of those Michael Bay movies where you have to scratch your head and wonder why didn’t they make this into a game already? It’s got big guns, big explosions, cool car chases, hot girls, and lots of action! A team of Navy SEALs has stolen a chemical weapon and taken hostages at Alcatraz. You either as the former inmate to only escape from Alcatraz or the chem. weapon expert need to break back in to save the hostages.

Pandemic would have been great to make this game…until they went kaput. But really, when you think about it, The Rock could easily play out like Mercenaries 2. Add in that super cool slow motion button to cause more mayhem and destruction and it’s oh-so-worth it.

50 points for a head shot.
Zombieland. Another one of those where “it seems so obvious.” I bet they blew the rest of their budget just to get the rights to the Metallica song used in the opening credits (still one of the best opening sequences I have seen in decades). You, one of the few non-zombies left in the world, must make your way home without becoming the next meal. It’d be a game of both stealth and how crazy can you kill a zombie. Anyone remember the nun that dropped a piano on a zombie? Or how about decapitating a big boy with garden sheers? Good times.

Capcom’s history with zombies would be a good fit for Zombieland. Take the crazy look of Dead Rising and mix it in with the stealth and complexity of Resident Evil. The formula won’t fail.


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