Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Sham Kickstarter Project Closed

Who saw this coming? I think we all did. Someone made a fake Kickstarter project (shocking!) and is now trying to cover their tracks. They won’t get the money that has been donated, per Kickstarter’s rules since they didn’t meet the goal listed, but it seems to be the only trace left of their mistake. Their Facebook and other social media sites are gone. Images for the “game” were stolen from other sources.

Kotaku is going off of “Kickstarter has a poor system in place to check this stuff out.” But really, there’s only so much a company can do to check and see if something is legit. And the concept of Kickstarter is to give everyone with an idea a chance, even if it doesn’t make it past the concept phase and into production. There will always be people trying to scam the good nature of others. EBay, for example. It’s been reported and Kickstarter will do their business. Just let the system do its job and we thank the people of the interwebs for reporting it.

I still have faith that Kickstarter is a good idea.


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