Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Walking Dead Game - Not Normal Zombies

I guess you could call this the Heavy Rain approach. It’s a zombie apocalypse game that makes you care about the zombies that you’re killing. Based off the Walking Dead graphic novels turned television show, we now have a game. Instead of a point by point retelling of the book/show it takes in the perspective of a new character. The story will be drawn out over 5 mini-episodes on the PS3 and 360, one a month.

I had a chance to try it early this morning. It’s a nice departure from traditional gaming and first person shooters. Again, more of a Heavy Rain game than anything. You’re given choices that can affect the outcome of the rest of the story, and may cause you to question your personal views.

Games that make you think!

You start out in the back of a police vehicle, your happy ass being sent to prison for murdering your wife’s lover. We’re not going to point out that you’re African-American and we all know what happens in any “horror” movie. And bam! You smack head on into a zombie. Taking advantage of the situation, your character escapes, and now you’re on your own to not become a fleshy meal.

The controls are very minimal. Usually it’s “press x to kill zombie” or walking back and forth. There’s not a lot of sophistication with the scheme here. The focal point is the story and your decisions. You’re not expected to rack up loads of trophies and achievements for killing 500 zombies with a lawnmower (I’m looking at your Dead Rising). Instead, you need to think about your actions and how they will affect the rest of the story. Do you give the hand-gun to the woman that wants to kill herself before she turns into a zombie, or do you let her suffer as she transforms? That’s some powerful s*** right there.

Controls are crap, but the story is quite interesting. It’s nice to see the other side of the zombie terror. It’s not pretty, but it is what it is. I’ll probably pick up the next installment to see where it goes from there. Hopefully it does alter the story, as they hinted that it would.


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