Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zombie Master George Voicing In Zombie Game!

Master Zombie Overlord (yes I realize that’s redundant) George A. Romero will be voicing a character in a kickstarter game, ZombieSquash. Already, this is awesome.

The kickstarter campaign started this morning and they are giving themselves 30 days to raise the funds. Just $10 grand with hopes for a Halloween release this year.
Godfather Romero will voice the primary antagonist, a mad scientist who experiments on veggies (hence the Squash) and uses them to try and do more evil things, and such. The game is more of a tower defense with your lead character being a rabbit. Because who else eats veggies but bunnies?

ACW games have been developing the product over the last 2 years and had a demo last Halloween. Romero liked it and so did a few other people. Now it’s at the point where they need just a few more bucks to finish the product. The game will initially release on PC and MAC with plans to expand to phones after.

Ok yeah. I realize that this seems kind of cutsy so that kids can play too. But It’s George Romero. Zombie king. He’s in a zombie game. It’s a win-win.
Aside: I'll be sad if this is a joke. So far all the material looks legit. So yea for that.


  1. Thank you very much for your support.
    Creator of Zombie Squash

    1. Best of luck to you and your team with the final stages of the game! I haven't been able to see how the Kickstart Fund faired after my donation, but I do hope this project is finished. ^^


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