Friday, June 29, 2012

Prototype Studio Cutbacks

Another studio is looking to go on the brink of extinction. Radical Entertainment, under Activision, the team that created Prototype, is going through staff reductions. As posted on their Facebook page yesterday afternoon “We're very proud of what we achieved with the PROTOTYPE franchise, but unfortunately, the Blacklight virus didn't spread as far as it could.”

Which is true, Prototype didn’t quite take off like they had expected. It probably didn’t help that Infamous came out the same year and had a better marketing program surrounding it. They look like really similar games, but they’re not when you get to the core.

Radical E. also developed The Simpsons: Hit and Run (one of the few really good Simpsons games), some Crash Bandicoot titles, and the Scarface game.

I think the article conclusion best ties it in that great reviews really do mean squat. Apparently a lot of the titles from Radical E. were rated 80 or higher on Metacritic. That says… a lot. You can have a great title but it people don’t buy it then you don’t survive. Radical E. will be releasing the PC version of Prototype 2 as scheduled, but will no longer be working on new titles or any internal projects, instead focusing on Activision’s products where needed. You hate to see it happen, but that’s how the world works sometimes.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Hope for 2013: The Post E3 Conundrum

For the first year since they had live broadcasts on G4 and online through GameTrailers, Gamespot, and the like, I didn’t watch E3 as it happened. Partially because I was dead tired from attending 2 back to back conventions, but the real reason was lack of interest.

What is there to get excited about when the majority of the talk centered on sequels and trilogies? How can I be happy to see the same footage from The Last Guardian that has been pushed for three years running?

E3 really is having an mid-life crisis of not knowing what to do with itself.
Because the world is ending in 2012. XD
What I want to get at is my hope for what is to come in the gaming world for 2013.

It’s obvious to all by now that the companies are pushing for new gaming systems. The hype over the 360, PS3, and Wii has cooled. The Playstation Vita and 3DS haven’t been selling as well as anticipated (probably because they hold gimmicks that don’t withstand the test of time).  And while I think there is still a lot of potential in the PS3, Sony is wanting to move forward and ignore their “10 year lifecycle” resolve to create something new. My poor PS3. You were just getting really good and they want to chunk you already. /comforts

So, here is my hope for 2013:

Drop the gimmicks. The 3D fad (as I predicted!) is dying out again. All of those televisions, glasses, and ads telling you to convert didn’t really work. Because people aren’t buying. It’s a neat trick, but it never lasts.

Support for current gen consoles. One thing that I know still pisses off a number of us PS3 owners is that our PS2 games don’t work. Unless you got one of the really early systems, there was 0 backwards compatibility. Please, please, please we beg of you (SONY) devs to make your old stuff work on the new stuff.

Reasonable price ranges. It’s obvious that the economy sucks world-wide. A $499 price point for a brand new system is not going to happen. No one can justify the money. We want to see new technology, yes. But we’re not idiots. We know that a lot of stuff is cheaper. If they can make a phone with the same power as a 360 at a tenth of the cost, you can too.

New games. I’m tired of the sequels, the trilogies, the quads, and the endless line of the same stuff over and over again. We need new blood. We need something to bring life back into our industry. I was happy to see Xbox Live offering development tools to starter companies, but it is just the beginning. Expand on that idea. Allow for creativity to develop and thrive through sources outside of your immediate circle. Help promote this with more tools being made available to indy developers. We want more Limbo less CoD. Ok maybe I want more Limbo and less CoD.

Stricter punishment against the rule breakers. A lot of this ties in with the issue of females in gaming and the harassment that occurs on a daily basis to everyone when you go online. We report them and most of the time nothing happens. There need to be consequences and action taken against the harassers. Teams should be created within each online dept that focus on handling harassment cases to weed out the legit ones from the “pranking my friend” which could easily mark the joker with a temp ban to teach them a lesson. It’s time to start cultivating a better environment for all gamers.

Most importantly, stop giving us crappy E3 shows. We don’t have many here in the states and we’re turning to Japan for our gaming news. Quit failing and go back to the old ways when it was fun! At the end of the day we are your consumers, not the business/tech show groups that show up for the free booze.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pong 40!

In less thought-provoking postings, Pong turns 40 today. Today, in 1972, the concept of Pong was developed and created. 5 months later it was released to the market and became the insanity that it was.

While Atari and the games that were are no longer around, they are still comitted to bringing the original and new fans what they want. Such as the Pong Developer Challenge, which is a reimagining of the game for Apple and mobile devices. The winner of said challenge will receive $50 grand and have their product potentially produced.

40 years. My how we have grown...not mentally of course.

Fixing The Gaming Culture For Women

It was probably a good thing that I didn’t read this last week. It would have just added to my rage postings.

If you want to read her rebuttal to the comments, there here you go.

I can understand where she’s coming from. I may not have the fancy press credentials (until recently, go me!) or the title, but I’m still a gamer. I still go to some events with the intent to report on them on my blog or through my podcast. There is nothing worse than having one of the staff members come up and taking a game away from you or make you feel inadequate. “Oh. Let me show you how it works.” *internal monologue* “Ok? Um… /sigh whatever. I don’t have the energy to argue.”

You really do get tired of trying to put up a fight when you deal with it constantly. It’s just much easier to shut up then to get into a debate with said person about how you really know how to play video games.

Back at my old job at GameStop at the corporate office this happened a lot there too from the vendors. Maybe because a number of people at the office really weren’t gamers. It was just our room and the warehouse. But to assume that women didn’t know how to play was always an insult. The vendors they sent out were always men. They always tried to be “cool” and act like they were kings of their company. They would typically have a demo truck that would roam the country, and GameStop was a typical hit along the route. Men were allowed to play without the rep getting in their way. As soon as a woman stepped up, the rep would be all over them. “Oh here. Let me show you.” Or “Do you know how to play video games?”

I won’t recount those moments. There were a lot of crappy things that happened at GameStop that I prefer to not relive.

Instead, I’m going to relate an experience I had as a journalist for an event. When I actually had the credentials to back up my status. And it wasn’t that long ago either! I was visiting the gaming room at a convention in a costume that was from a video game. As press I had permission to take video and ask questions of attendees and staff members. Because I’m a gamer I was drawn to the gaming room and wanted to try and get their perspective. I was there for cosplay/convention coverage, but I like getting different views. Especially as a gamer, we tend to get shunned to the corner of any convention (unless it’s something like E3 or PAX that is only about games), so I wanted to know what the convention meant to them.

There was a demo for a new Street Fighter arcade version that had recently been released in Japan and was making it’s rounds to the states (with an old school joystick set up, so awesome!). I wanted to try it, being the old schooler that I am. I grew up with Street Fighter on the SNES and played it in arcades all the time. I miss those days. The area was empty so I stepped up to the machine, while putting my camera away. I looked down for one second, and then bam! As I looked up there was a rep from the company that was handling the machines. His first question. “Do you need help finding someone?”

Really? That’s your first question?

“Um. Nope. I was just putting up my camera so I can play.”

“Oh! Well have you played a fighting game before? They’re kind of hard.”

For those who know me, I’m not good at the snappy come-backs. I’m a pretty reserved person. They don’t come to me until an hour later.

“I like Street Fighter. I’ve been playing since the SNES days.”

What I should have said “Do you not see me dressed up as a video game character? I think I know how to play.”

“Well this is different. This is the arcade version and it requires you to use more combinations. Why don’t I set this up for you.”

I flashed my press pass at this point which labeled me for a gaming website: “It’s ok. I can figure it out.”

“No really. This is how you play.”

I should have probably prefaced this with the time limit. See they had a time limit on this machine since they felt it would be popular and didn’t want people hogging it. You had 2 rounds or 3 minutes, whichever came first. Before I could say anything, the rep stepped in front of me and basically played my 2 rounds, casually looking over his shoulder quipping “So you push the red button here to make this girl’s fist go this way.” Of course he picked Chun-Li by the way, because apparently she’s symbolic of every female character. I pick Cammy or Bison. Those were my peeps. (Nothing against Chun-Li. She’s not my favorite. That’s all.)

I left at the start of my second round and snuck back about an hour later when he wasn’t there to get my real two rounds. Another female gamer asked if she could join in. “That guy earlier wouldn’t let me touch the machine.”

Come on in sister. You won’t be shunned here.

So dressing up as a video game character gets you 0 credibility. Showing the press pass that screams “hey, I know my stuff” means nothing. Being female sends you to the back of the bus where you have to be hand-fed like you were a child.

There really is no easy way to stand up for yourself in those situations. If you speak up, you look like a bitch. It you try to be aggressive, you look like a mega bitch. If you play dumb, then you make all women look bad. Quiet is the easy route. We hate it, but we do it because we know we’re not going to cause trouble that way.

So I’m reaching out to men on this one. What’s the solution? How we dress isn’t affecting the situation. I was in costume and the other woman was in jeans and a gaming t-shirt just like the men around her. It’s not our attitudes because we’re doing everything possible to not come off as “bitches.” We have the knowledge and want to play, but you’re not letting us. So…what do we do? How can we convey to you all that we’re interested in gaming and don’t want to be treated like children? Simply ignoring the issues and staying quiet isn’t going to work forever. I’m not going to stop gaming because of it, but I don’t want to be forever excluded and talked down to because of my gender. So. How do we fix this?

By the way, you all are making me feel bad for buying my Kitty Trooper and Kitty Hunter shirts. I can't wear anything too "cute" now in front of gamers if I want to play.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Economies of Gaming Scale

It’s nothing new that economics in a video game, particularly an online one, are the driving force for longevity. I’m kind of more surprised that more economists haven’t been jumping into this field for research. There’s a lot of great potential there.

Yanis Varoufakis is one such man taking a job at Valve to look into the transactions made within their games.  Again, nothing new. We as the gamers of said games would probably have way more information to provide for this article then what Varoufakis was quoted for the piece. “You turn this into that, sell that, obtain thing, use thing to obtain more this. What makes it difficult to comprehend? That is how a number of comments are beginning to read. :D

Look at Second Life for example, a sandbox within a sandbox where real money is very much at play. Landowners, such as Anshe Chung who became the first real-world millionaire from Second Life activities, can make thousands a month. With a bit of investment and time, they are able to make a profit through a virtual world.

Millionaires are not common for video games, but making a profit and sustaining a comfortable life is very possible. Second Life is probably one of the prime examples since there’s the economy for Linden Labs with the purchase of currency to use within the game using real-world money. And then there’s the player economy of using the game currency to purchase things made by others. It’s a creative outlet with real world implications.

When you get into MMO’s and FPS, those have a different realm of economics. And then you throw in the free-to-play models and it all goes crazy. It’s an interesting area to study, and I think it could help solve a lot of issues in reality (both in terms of global economics and handling personal finances). The original article I linked is fairly pointless. Varoufakis shouldn’t have made any statements until he learned something that we, as gamers, didn’t already know. Of course we know the basics of how Team Fortress 2 runs. Currency is in keys and metals to open crates and make weapons. An in-depth analysis would have been better.

You know what would be a good study? PSN and Xbox Live sales for avatars. PSN lets you decorate a house and dress up your characters. Xbox Live has swag and random pets for your digital self. But there’s no trading between other people. You could say “well there’s Xbox Live points” but that’s really cash that you gave to Microsoft to get the points, in turn your sending them back to Microsoft for digital items. (You know those point cards you see at grocery stores? They make a very tiny fraction off the value of the card. Microsoft, Sony, Apple, they take 99% of the cut typically. The incentive is to get you to buy all of the candy and little products littered around the cards. Impulse purchases.) I’d be curious to find out how much less money Sony and Microsoft are making in comparison to Valve for TF2 because they don’t have a player-to-player economy. Or is Valve losing out because of that player-to-player market. Something to think about…

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Heroes That Should Get Their Own Games

Let’s keep going with my rant about superheroes! :D

So this is a sad news story. There really is nothing more important going on then to talk about the “costumes” that will be available in the new Spider-Man game.

So I’m going to turn this into another amusing Top 10 list. How about the “Top 10 Superheroes that deserve their own video games and the really cool reasons behind it.”

Lists are fun. Come on! I’m sure the reasoning’s will amuse you.

10. Nightwing.

Reason: Obvious troll is obvious. It’s Robin all grown up, and all bad ass. Dick Grayson was a pretty tolerable Robin in the Batman Animated series. Even the new wonderboy for Teen Titans works. Nightwing just makes sense for a nice transition from old to new.

The Story: After helping Batman with the Arkham roundup, Nightwing ventures out to a new city to start cleanup, his way. Nightwing is more gritty, more ambitious, and more daring then Batman. His youth and tenacity would allow the gamer to try a whole array of new tricks. It’d be a great induction into the Batman franchise while allowing Nightwing to flourish on his own.

Will it happen? It’s highly possible! Seeing him in the Arkham City game fueled a lot of hope.

9. Zatanna.

Reason: She’s underappreciated in the DC world. It’s hard to take a magician seriously. She started out with Hawk Man (incoming foreshadowing!), and has a lot of ties to the Justice League members in and out of costume. It’d be a developer’s dream to be able to throw in all of those heroes into one game and have it make sense!

The Story: This needs to be one where Zantanna is already a member of The Justice League. She receives a tip about the mystery behind her father’s death. As she journeys on this quest she finds new powers and learns to utilize them. Very easily could be an action RPG, with magic! We’ve been waiting for that Kinect Sorcery game, well here’s one that might not suck.

Will it happen? Female hero’s are pretty much nixed in video games. Unless you’re part of a team or Catwoman, you don’t get a game.

8. The Phantom.

Reason: He’s Batman with a gun.

The Story: Full on LA Noire with way more action. And blood. And bullets. And guns. And action. Oh and have Billy Zane voice the lead character. He was super awesome in the movie.

Will it happen? When it becomes perfectly acceptable to wear purple pants again.

7. Powdered Toast Man.

Reason: He might be a gag super hero, but he was pretty awesome for being made of powdered toast. He would always ensure that you had a good breakfast!

The Story: This:

Will it happen? Not unless the pope sanctions it.

6. Hawk Man.

Reason: A reincarnation of an Egyptian prince who discovers a mysterious metal that allows him to control gravity. He’s science and history in a cool costume!

The story: Hawk Man Awakens! This could be one of those action-puzzle games. Carter Hall prior to being Hawk Man is an archeologist. Armed with his brains, and maybe a rock, you scour through the tombs to locate that weird metal, dodging mummys, scarabs, and other creepy things. As Hawk Man, you escape and go through another series of harrowing puzzles with more powerful enemies to reach the woman you love. Goofy but it could work.

Will it happen? If discovering metals becomes a phenomenon, then Hawk Man has a foot in the door.

5. Space Ghost.

Reason: He filled out childhood with so much laughter from his talk show. It just makes sense that he come out of retirement and look to kick butt again.

The story: This can go one of two ways. Either a real “I’m back from retiring” and showing an older, wiser, grittier, still a little silly Space Ghost. He roams the galaxy, stopping the bad guys, maybe make it more like Chinatown meets Hitchhiker’s Guide. Or! Space Ghost: The Quest for Ratings. SG, Moltar, Brak, and Zorak are on a quest to scour the galaxy for more money, new show ideas, and ultimately become the best in late night television. Monkey and side-kick children not required.

Will it happen? A girl can dream can’t she?

4. The Flash.

Reason: A man with Sonic-like powers. There’s little other reason needed.

This is one of those “why haven’t they made it yet” situations. The previous incarnation of the Justice League (the one where Lex Luther from Smallville voiced Flash) was a pretty good iteration of the character. That swagger and charm brought new life to the slick man in red.

The story: Green Lantern just jacked up his mission (damnit Hal!) and the yellow lanterns are coming to take over. What better to defeat yellow then with red? Lighting red that is. Ahhhh hahaha.

Will it happen? With the insistence of so many super heroes going to the movies, I think it’s just a matter of time before we see The Flash on the big screen, in turn giving us a game.

3. Aquaman.

Reason: Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis.

The guy got screwed on his video game. He could use some redemption.

I know Aquaman is kind of a lame superhero. He talks to fish and has some water powers, but he’s really not that bad. Think about all of those fire-based super heroes and pokemon. Aquaman can knock them out like nobody’s business.

Story: A Lex Luther-like business man wants to drill into the ocean and stumbles upon Atlantis (where the largest oil deposit is, go fig!). Aquaman must stop him and save his home. Think about it. Sharks. With lasers on their heads. You know you want to beat those up.

Will it happen? Considering how much we all love to dog the original Aquaman game, I’m sure studios are wanting to stay as far away from the property as possible.

2. Deadpool

Reason: Instant cash cow. Even if the game is total crap, it will sell. I mean come on. It’s fing Deadpool.

Story: You, as Deadpool, have just transformed into the super “hero” badass self that you are. As a mercenary, you do what comes natural to you. Take oddball jobs around a New York-like city (where every hero lives), build up your street cred, and become a hero or an asshole ala Infamous.

Will it happen? Probably! The Deadpool movie is slated for a 2014 release so a game tie-in isn’t farfetched.

1. Superman

Reason: Superman 64 (hey, it’s just like that Aquaman game!)

It is the end-all, be-all, worse video game I’ve ever played. It’s not just the crappy controls, the horrid graphics (even for an N64 it was bad), and the lovely glitches (look mah! I can jump out this window and get stuck to the background, weeeee!). It’s the repetitive nature of the game. It’s the lack of common sense with the mini-games (I need to fly through these rings and then go beat up some bad guys). It made people hate gaming companies and licensing out good stuff. It’s Superman. The hell you doing making a crappy game for him?

Story: Just take everything from the Superman movies 1-3. Do that and sandbox it. Throw in more Jimmy and wisecracking news staffers. Done. Oh, and TEST THE GAME BEFORE RELEASING.

Will it happen? Tough call. I think with the success of Arkham Assylum, I’m sure devs are looking at Superman to reboot. But with the movie tanking, it may be a while.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Portal Your Classroom

Isn’t Valve awesome? Yeah we’d all love to work for them and Gabe, our unofficial holy man. Valve has released an online program called Teach with Portals. As you can guess it’s education by using the video game Portal.

For those who haven’t played Portal (and why not you crazy person?), the game boasts a series of puzzles that challenge critical thinking in multiple areas from math, to physics and other science!, and even English. It has an unintentional learning aspect.

The website offers lesson plans created by teachers using the Portal 2 Puzzle Maker feature. It also acts as an interactive community for exchanging levels and teaching experiences with one another. Even better, Valve is making Portal 2 and the Puzzle Maker free to teachers that will use it in their lessons.

A spokesperson for Valve has stated that they hope the program will help make “physics, math, logic, and spatial reasoning interesting…which gets us one step closer to our goal – engaged, thoughtful kids.” It’s a good step. One of my biggest complaints with schools today is the idea of teaching to the test. So many states and districts have these yearly tests to gauge how much students have learned, and how good of a job a teacher is doing. So teachers are only teaching to get kids to pass the test. Critical thinking, problem solving, and basic life skills needed are being left behind because tests don’t review those aspects. It sucks! The system doesn’t prepare you for life.

The Teach with Portals program could be a great first step into getting kids to meet the future. That’s cheesy, but it’s true. Too many of us today just sit and do what we’re told. We need our youth to be able to think outside of the box

Thursday, June 21, 2012

For The Sake Of Non-Spam

In fear of spamming my Facebook and DA pages, I’m posting here!

Last night and this morning have been one of those days where awesome things start happening. Awesome geek things.

I shared a photo that I found of myself at Fanime. A little girl came up to ask for an autograph while I dressed as Sailor Mercury. It was so damn cute, and I’m not a kid person. But she was really polite. She said her “please” and “thank you” so I couldn’t deny the request. I signed her book as “~Ami, Sailor Mercury” with a checkmark face of coolness. I took a photo with her and that was that. I had hoped that my friends had a good photo they could upload of the moment, but they came out too blurry.

So I was excited to find one online from a photographer! Sadly it’s the back of my head, but that’s ok! It’s still a cute photo. I shared it on my Facebook page. Ejen from Cosplay in America shared it on his, and bam! I gained 123 Likes in under 24 hours. The final tally will commence when I get home this evening.

Moral of the story? Be a good person and you’ll get way more views and likes then just standing and posing in a costume. :D Not that I intended to post it to get views. I just wanted a link to a memory of a great moment that made cosplaying worth it.

Thinking ahead, I sent a memo over to my CosPod host to expect a jump in our website stats. Turned around about an hour later and double whammy! (Press Your Luck kids. Go look it up.) Our podcast was featured on the Cosplay in America website and we’ve gained a few new followers. We got a personal referral to check us out when we host panels. How cool is that?

So now…Facebook has become a full-time babysitting job. I need to get some donation service going or something. It takes a lot to keep this stuff going. :D

Are today’s video games becoming easier to play?

While I’m not completely on board with Brian Gaar’s hypothesis, I do understand his point of view. We live in a trophy era. You know the ones where you get an award just for showing up? I never understood that. “Well it’s to make sure kids don’t feel left out for not winning. It helps their self-esteem.” You know what helps a kid’s self-esteem? Knowing that you can’t always get what you want.

But you get what you need.

Here’s my philosophy about life: kids need to learn that things are not going to be handed to them. They have to work. By giving them this mentality of “oh, I’m going to get a trophy just for being there” sets them up to expect everything in life to be given to them without ever working for it.

Allowances for example. A survey that was released by a cleaning company (note I heard this on the Russ Martin show yesterday so I don’t have the exact name or link but I’ll post it when I do) showed that 3/5 kids are given a weekly allowance without doing any chores.

The hell is up with that?

I did chores. I didn’t get anything out of it other than the satisfaction of knowing that the house was clean. Gifts were only rewarded when we truly deserved them. Video games back then were still expensive. Keep up with your chores, keep straight A’s for a full year, and not get grounded on top of the other responsibilities, then you got a game. A Game. One. Single. You played your heart out on that game because you knew it was the one thing you’d be getting that year.

And to think that was just a decade ago. Now it’s all about “gimmie now!”

I know not all children are like this, but when I see how parents act at stores they cave in to their kids every whim and desire without ever flinching.

But because of this “I want it now” culture that we have, games are so much easier to grab and go. From computers to mobile phones, flash games, and apps, games are quick to pick up and put down. In turn, gaming companies are shifting their design patterns to match the attitude of gamers to ensure their products are sold.

It makes sense. Why would someone want to pick up a game and spend 100 hours on it banging their head about puzzles, when they could pick up this other one on the Android Store that satisfies their gaming needs in 10 minutes without frustration?

Now I’m the one to argue that there is merit to those 100 hour, brain crunching games. Look at Brain Age. That’s all about getting you to think and people will play that for thousands of hours. Even though it’s a series of mini-games within a game, it quenches their desire for something there and now while extending the life of the game. Maybe that’s the way we should approach games. Mini-games! We all love and or loathe them in RPG’s. But maybe they had it right all along.

Something to think about.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

EPIC Games Sells Stake to Chinese

Jokes aside, EPIC Games (because it’s that much cooler to type EPIC in all caps) has been searching for investors for years. As the maker of games such as Gears of War and creating the Unreal Engine, the investment from Tencent will help Epic expand their market while maintaining their status as an independent developer. Hands off EA. Let Epic be.

Tencent is one of China’s most popular online portals for gaming. Last year it paid for a majority stake for Riot Games (i.e. League of Legends, and it’s still pretty fruitful for the money). While the portion that Tencent owns from Epic is small, they’ll have the ability to hold a minor influence in what’s up. Very minor though. Epic will still be Epic.

It’s interesting how the article reads. That Epic needed some sort of “validation” for their decades of work. They made the Unreal Engine used by dozens of gaming companies and hundreds of colleges and universities. Getting an outside investor probably didn’t push them to realize “hey, we’re valuable and important!” They can look to any store and point out all the games that used their software. That’s plenty of validation for me.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

PacMan Your Politics

Politics and anything geek related never mix. Remember when Hermain Cain used the Pokemon movie song in his campaign? Glorious in all the wrong ways. I don’t think that sent the right message Cain.

So I had to stop and watch the sad hilarity of this. David Dewherst, Lt Governor of Tehas and his campaign released a video online. Obviously from the context of it involving video games and recreating PacMan he was trying to reach the 1980’s crowd. Clearly not us cool kids of the 90’s because we don’t play the Man of Pac or Ms. Man of Pac. We like them shooters. We can’t have that message in a campaign ad about Ted Cruz.

The whole thing is ridiculous to watch. I’m sure it’ll get a ton of views for its silliness and not because of the campaign. Thank you once again big time government men for not getting the crowd you’re trying to target. Those 80’s kids want Jellies, Swatches, and should pads! Hmm..I wonder if Namco and Midway approved of this. I smell a lawsuit!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Women and Gaming - Last Post Today (Promise!)

I went on a bit of tirade there didn’t I? It pushed my buttons.

Here is a summary of what I was trying to get at.

Jokes about murder, sexual assault, or general harassment of another person for any reason is not funny. I don’t care if you were trying to be ironic, sarcastic, or not literal. It’s not funny. Anyone, male, female, both, w/e who finds someone doing this, report them. I know it’s tough and it takes out your CoD play time, but it really does make a difference.

The problem is that most of us have become immune to the trolls and assholes of the internet/gaming world. I.E. we don’t put on a headset, don’t talk in chat, we mute them, or just don’t go on Xbox Live/PSN at all. But that’s not a solution. They will continue what they’re doing and harass someone else. After a long day of work/school/life you want to come home and enjoy the game you’re playing, not be insulted for your sexuality or threatened with violence because of your gender.

This is beyond “it’d part of the culture.” Insinuating violent acts against another person is never appropriate for any time or place. I can take a joke, but saying I should be sexually assaulted is never funny.

As a group, we have to stand up and say no more. It takes a lot of courage to tell someone to stop and to report them. There’s nothing wrong with it. You might get flack from your friends, but your real friends would support you and not give you shit. Stand up for your beliefs. If you see online abuse, tell someone who can do something about it. Ignoring it will never stop the problem.

*gets off of soap box*

Tomorrow I’ll have something not so heavy handed. Unless I’m in a crappy mood again. I make no promises.

Women and Games - Question the Second and Third!

Continuing from the last post.

Men are dicks about video games.

Not all men. Some are pretty nice. Some are decent. A large number go with the trolling crowd. The rest are dicks.

Who made video games a “men’s only world?” The game devs with men making up most of the workforce in technology and computer programming? The customers for console games and arcades that are predominantly male?

I’ve never heard a studio come out and say “video games are for boys only; girls should play with dolls.” They want girls too! Just look at the crappy line of girl games (Imagine) from Ubisoft. They want us to play. They need us to play. We make up most of the economic spending power. Boys think about who gave you money for games when you were younger. Probably mom. Dad wanted you to have a football and run outside. With all of that spending power, a dev would want women to play more to buy more of their products.

Is it the tournament arena that says women can’t play? Tournaments are open to all genders and consider your skill. There are some female only ones out there due to the fact that male gamers are dicks. I’m pretty sure the organizers also want women around to fuel more spending.

So, who is the ultimate authority on who can play and who can’t?

No one is. So why the fuck is this still so pervasive in our society? Is this “men are always better than women” mentality that ingrained into us? And before you come up with the smartass answer “women should be in the kitchen,” guess what? At least 90% of the restaurant chefs are male.
So yeah. No throwing that back at women. You fuckers have that job. I’m sure you’ll take pregnancy too once they make that possible. (And feel free. I don’t want that responsibility.)

At this day and age, it’s ridiculous to have this mentality that men can only have this and women can’t have anything. I’m not even talking about “men are better than women.” Rather a segregation because of sex that we’re not allowed to play games, let along discuss them. That’s pretty messed up.

It’s a fucking video game.

This isn’t life or death. Is it really that big of a deal that women are discussing and playing them?

I won’t lie and say that I didn’t get pissy reading the comments about Anita Sarkeesian’s kickstarter to make a mini-series about the tropes of women in video games. She’s made several pieces that are currently used for educational purposes and they’re not bad. True it’s a little one-sided, but what isn’t anymore. I do think men are not given accurate portrayal in games. Rockstar seems to be the only company out there that puts in any effort to make reality into fantasy. Look at the lead character for Bully. He’s a slightly overweight boy with a bad haircut. Who wants to be that as the hero? Or GTA4. Nikko wasn’t exactly a “looker” and neither were his comrades (hah).

So yes. There is a lot of fantasy elements when it comes to male characters just as there is with female characters. Mostly it’s the context that people focus on. Men are always viewed as dominant, powerful, revering. Women are subservient, submissive sex objects. Going back as far as Mario and Legend of Zelda (not even having her name in the game title helps) the Princesses are objects of desire and/or a reward for completing your quests. They’re not really seen as people. And don’t start with me about the Princess Peach game. That was not cool. Though credit for Super Smash Brothers when she and Zelda had some bite.

I should have preface that with the following: I have nothing against sexy women. I <3 Bayonetta and Fran from FF12. Bayonetta in particular glorifies sexuality and dances on that line of taste like nobody’s business. That’s part of the game’s charm! I’m talking about games like God of War where you have a sex scene with very busty, over-the-top beautiful naked women for no reason. They add 0 value to the game and to the plot line. I don’t even remember if they restored your health. Did they? At least the hookers in GTA regenerated your health.

Women get the short end of the stick. That’s basically what I’m getting at. So for all the men that want to complain that “the heroes never look like me” yeah well would you play a video game where you looked like the hero? Probably not. You want to look like Tony Stark (Iron Man). And there’s nothing wrong with it. I want my female characters to look pretty. I pick the Twi’lik race for The Old Republic because they are beautiful to look at. But I don’t oppress her into being a sex object. I make sure she has on pants and a shirt. I don’t oogle her. I don’t set her up in situations where she could be assaulted visually. I play her as I would play a male hero, with respect.

That’s what women want out of their heroines.

So when I read Sarkeesian getting assaulted by thousands of male gamers, it’s disgusting. She’s talking about a topic that we all love, video games. She’s presenting new outlooks that most of you probably never considered. Threatening to harass, sexually assault, or kill her is not just over the line. It’s into crazy town. I seriously hope she reported every one of those to her local police. I would. In fact, I have (not her commenter’s, but others I’ve crossed in the past). It’s not a fun process, but so worth it in the end.

No one should be objectified or verbally assaulted in that manner.

Again I have to go back to that it’s a fucking video game. Is it really that big of a deal if a woman wants to talk about the tropes of female characters? Let her. It’s America (fuck yeah!). Freedom of speech. “But the trolls have the right to say things too.” Sure they do. Just as we have the right to ignore them and send their ass to the police. Sorry but if you threaten me with violence, even online, I report it. I don’t take that shit lightly. No one should be threatened for expressing themselves.

To quote Charlie Brooker, it’s been 30 years since Ms. Pacman. It’s time to move forward.
Which probably won’t happen. But could men stop being dick heads to women about video games? It’s just a fucking game.

Women and Games - The Continuing Discussion!

Yeah. I’m drumming up this topic again.

Gamers. What the hell pisses you all off so much about women that you have to talk the shit that you do?

I’m not going to bother bleeping things in this post. It’s an honest question that I’d like to hear a real answer. More than “they belong in the kitchen.” That was funny the first time. It’s not funny anymore.

I ask partly because of this:

And this:

And then this:

In the span of a week! What I’m pissed about are two things: Why do people need to tip-toe around the issue of the r-word? (Ok I’m censoring myself there. Sorry.) Why does humanity think it’s perfectly acceptable to oppress people that are different then themselves?

All right. There’s a third thing too. Who gave the authority that video games were a man’s world that women were not allowed to enter?

Issue the First! One of the things that I applauded about the new Tomb Raider game was that we were finally getting a female protagonist that was real, gritty, and compelling. Sure Lara Croft is still “sexy”. What fantasy product doesn’t have hot men and women? She’s less idealized as a sexual object and more as a heroine in the new game. And part of making it “real” is throwing her into situations that might make us uncomfortable. Sure it’s still a tomb raiding fantasy game, but the developers want a potentially plausible plot line.

Here’s the sad fact of life. Sexual Assault. It happens. A lot more then we like to admit. And most of the time it goes unreported because of social, political, and/or religious implications. Not just here in the U.S. Globally it’s an issue. The stats on the wiki page are not correct, but they’re the most accurate that we have. It’s disturbing. But it’s not a problem that will just magically go away. It’s something that we HAVE to talk about. And not just “how women should protect themselves” and victim blaming (fucking hate when people do that). We need to teach boys and men that it’s not ok. It’s a crime. It’ll put their lives in danger. Part of the issue is we’re not teaching boys not to do it. Instead we’re teaching girls how to not let it happen. Backwards thinking there. You have to tackle the issue on both sides, not just on one front.

For that, I was surprised that the devs retracted their statement to Kotaku regarding the instance in the game. Does that mean it’s going to be completely removed? Is the attacker going to have new dialogue? I would much rather they have kept it in the game and show to both men and women that reality is something that happens every minute of every day (to both sexes). Here’s a case and Laura rose up against it. That’s pretty bad ass and proof that no hero is infallible, even in a fictional story. This shit happens. One way to approach us talking about it openly is through video games, a media that has been opened up to all ages and a growing audience.

I vote we leave that scene in. Let reality really take over in that fantasy and allow the gamers to take a whole new meaning from the game.

What I’m trying to figure out is who cried foul at first? Was it men or women? I could understand why a number of women would be against it (because beating up hookers in GTA only goes so far), but I have to wonder how many men objected to it as well? Is it because their once big bosomed object of desire has now become a venerable girl hiding from her captor? Or do they just not like to be reminded of all of the shit that really happens outside of video games (because games are meant to be an escape not a reminder)?

Now I’m sure there are people reading this going “she doesn’t need an origin story where she starts out weak and becomes strong” and “male characters always start out strong in video games, and this objectifies women even more.” Good points. But is this really stripping Lara Croft’s heroine status? I’d much rather play a game where the hero is one who starts out from nothing and builds up his status. The super powered figure can only be entertaining for so long, then it becomes a bore. I want to be enveloped into the story. And that isn’t to say all video games have big strong men with sexual women.

For all of their arguments about the studio holding back and not being progressive, by altering that scene it would be doing the reverse. It’d progressive to actually TALK about this stuff. So keep it in. Let’s talk about it. Let’s discuss why it’s happening in the world and teach both men and women how to stop it. (I realize it happens to men too, but 99/100 times the woman is the victim.) Let’s get a video game talking about real world issues supplemented into their reality settings. That’s progress.

So that’s question one. Question two will be another post. With an equal amount of swearing!

Friday, June 15, 2012

TOR Troubles Continue

I realize 2/3 aren't TOR characters, but still so awesome
being on the bad side.
I think we all saw it coming. And I’m still paying for my subscription. Go me!

The Old Republic has been smacked with lots of questions and lost subscriptions since its December launch. I wasn’t surprised when it all went down. In fact, I made a warning in beta when they first announced the release date last year that it was too soon. The game needed a lot of fine-tuning and had to do something to keep players at level 50 engaged. They haven’t really done that.

Since hitting 50, I’ve been jumping around on other jobs to stay busy. Jobs that I wanted to play to 50 in beta but never had the energy to really put into it with the limited time frames. Post-50 on Imperial Agent is pretty boring. The story is done. There’s no new exciting adventures to be had. There’s PvP and a world boss or two, but that’s about it. Nothing to keep me entertained.

Yeah. I’m still playing. And paying. There’s a nostalgia factor that’s keeping me going. Plus they might hand out some freebes for those of us that are full-time subscribers should they go free-to-play. XD They did it with the tauntauns! I <3 my pet tauntaun.

Where BioWare has said they were against a free-to-play model back in December, the game’s lead designer has recently commented that they were looking into it.

Honestly, I have to blame EA. I know, that’s my trump card every time, but think about it. BW was pretty nifty for a while. They had a good thing going for them. EA bought them out and the company has been sliding since them. Look at the uproar over Mass Effect 3 (zomg! Crappy ending is crappy!) And I’m pretty sure BW would have delayed TOR for at least another year if it weren’t for EA pushing for the release. I would have been ok with that. EA is notorious for doing that. *coughssims3sporeapbbulletstormrockband*

If EA would take a step back and let BW do what they do best, that would be a good start to fixing this mess. I don’t think the game is necessarily bad. TOR just isn’t finished for a first release of an MMO.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Am I Alone On Toonami's Return?

Is anyone else underwhelmed by “new” Toonami?

I was spazzing out in excitement for the April Fools weekend. I stayed up way too freekin’ late, knowing full well I had to be up at 6 am the next morning, But I didn’t care. It was Tenchi and Outlaw Star! I’m staying up bitches!

The online campaign was one I supported of course. I wanted to see classic anime back on the air with sprinkles of some new stuff. Reboot all the way!

But that didn’t happen. The Saturday of Toonami’s return I was out of town and didn’t have access to cable. I checked the line-up on my phone and was disappointed. It was the same Saturday line-up they’ve had all season, and the season before that, and before that. Cowboy Bebep. Bleach. FMA. Same stuff. Just a new wrapper. They had one new anime Kasshern, but everything else was a let down.

That’s not old school or throw back. This is just the same Saturday night. What gives Toonami?

I wonder if they’re trying to tap in to the younger crowd instead of us old farts. The ones that did grow up with Bebop and FMA. I watched them too, but as a young adult. When old Toonami was on it was Sailor Moon and DBZ, before the FMA kids were even born. And there I go aging myself again.

But that’s what I loved about the April Fool’s weekend. That throwback to 90’s anime’s was fantastic! Back then it was new stuff to us, but now that’s what we love. That’s why the Nickelodeon Flashback night is working so well. They’re not replaying the shows that are currently airing in their lineup. They’re pulling back Doug, Rocko’s Modern Life, and Clarissa Explains It All. The stuff we watched when we were kids. That’s what we want and that’s what will help Toonami get the ratings it needs. Win the audience back, work up to the current stuff you already broadcast, and then bring in the new shows. What’s old is new!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wii-U Calibration

I had a feeling this was going to be an issue. The Wii-U at E3 had a few hiccups when it came to playing Pikmin 3 and others that required pointing the game pad directly at the screen. The cursor was off-centered from where the signal was directed. Not so good when you’re looking for precision.

Now the game pad does have a reset option (kind of like the Wii controller) that bounces the cursor back to the center. However, if you tilt the game pad so the sensor doesn’t focus forward, it’ll start drifting off again.

It is a tedious concern. We, the gamer, shouldn’t have to recalibrate the game pad every time we move it. Miyamoto seems concerned about it, enough to say that they want to review it, but also provide the best cheap technology so the system can make a profit.

Ok he didn’t say that, but that’s what you can interpret.

Game console design 101: You always lose money when you sell a system. You make money by selling the games, the point cards, and the accessories. The Xbox 360 was, at its time, worth more then its $399 price tag. Roughly $485 and some change if I remember the numbers from GameStop. But the controllers? Only $8.00 to make and ship them in from China. Battery recharge packs? $4.50. Headset? $1.95. Physical discs? Under $3.00. Even less actually. I’m rounding up to include the shipping fees. Making a disc copy of a game is really freekin’ cheap.

I’d much rather Nintendo put whatever it can into the Wii-U into the product. Even if it costs just a little bit more, they can show they have the ability to really make the Wii a staple in the gaming world again. It needs more power. Simple as that.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Art Before the Game

I say this with much love and respect to those who are in the craft: you have to be insane to want to make a living version of Amano’s pieces.

As a gamer, we sometimes take the reference art for granted. Sure there are books and the manual (sometimes) but the inspiration for a character should deserve more recognition. Thanks Luke (and Kotaku for starting the Fine Art series) for posting Amano to the Kotaku masses that probably weren’t aware of him.

Unless you’re an SE fan. Then you worship the ground he walks on.

Yoshitaka Amano has been working with the FF franchise since the beginning. He was the primary art director through FF9 and took a step back. He still creates character designs in his fanciful style, but doesn’t play as strong of a role in development as he use to. He’s also known as the illustrator for the Vampire Hunter D novels.

The images are still fing awesome. My favorite thing about getting the physical copy of every FFXI expansion pack (screw you digital downloads!) was the art that covered the box. It is always amazing to study.

It’s a good time to look over some of the other artists that helped inspire the games that we love today that you may not have known existed. Sure I could go on for hours about Amano and Shinkawa (Metal Gear Solid for those who don’t know), but there are others!

Thierry Doizon: Concept art for Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, Dues Ex, a bunch of other Ubisoft games, and Tron Legacy (the movie). I call it hard-core watercolors.

Adam Adamowicz: The man recently passed away, but he is known for his landscapes from Fallout 3 to Skyrim. He also drew up some pretty twisted creature designs.

Fumito Uedo: Team Ico has relied on this man to bring art to life. And while we know Team Ico as Team Ico, there are individual members that make up the team. He has designed art for Ico, Shadow of the Colussus, and The Last Guardian.

Long Vo: Currently a comic book artist, he was one of the primary designers for the sprites with Street Fighter Turbo and has contributed a lot of amazing character art to the legacy. You can see how his work has really influenced Street Fighter IV.

Just a sampling of the awesome art that exists for games. Yeah I’m jealous. I can barely make a stick figure. That’s why I sew.

What I've Been Up To For Three Weeks

I know I’ve brought it up at least once and I’m sure some of my readers know, I co-host a video podcast called CosPod (aka Cosplay Podcast). It focuses on tutorials, tips, product reviews, conventions, and anything else cosplay that I didn’t mention. We’re up to Episode 12 and it’s been keeping me pretty busy!

I only bring that up to post my latest convention photos, videos, and the like. That’s where I’ve been these past few weeks…not posting here. Still working on the fan videos, it’s just taking much longer then originally anticipated. I took A LOT of video at Fanime. Good gravy. And unlike the cosplay videographers, I have a full-time job with full-time traffic onto of school. Free time is few and far between.

And I signed up to help host a podcast? The heck was I thinking.

Anyway, enjoy the shenanigans!

Fanime 2012 Photos

A-Kon 23 Photos

Cosplay Q & A with Yaya Han:

A-Kon 23 Cosplay Contest:

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Future of Game Rentals

For many of us, at least within my age range, we had Blockbuster growing up. And that was it. If you wanted a movie or a video game to watch/play temporarily without paying for the full retail version, you had the blue Blockbuster store. Netflix was a twinkle in someone’s eye.

Anyone remember those crappy game tournaments Blockbuster held? Yeah. Good times.

While the internet age has matured to include Netflix and GameFly, the rental industry for games has stalled from what it once was. GameFly does decently enough, and has been more open to the public since it began running ads through gaming websites and tv spots. Netflix has stayed out of games (and I’m inclined to agree with them that they stick to what they do best and keep up the catalogue of old movies). It’s up to Red Box now. A year after adding video games to their kiosks, the numbers have been pretty decent making up 4% of their profit margin. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it comes up to $30-40 million.

It’s also a testament to how people rent. GameFly may have a large selection, but typically they find their biggest renters are in the “causal” game and E categories. This is Madden, NCAA, Mario, Club Penguin, and family game territory. Red Box’s numbers reflect the same thing. The people that are renting are going to be the casual family. Hard core gamers are more likely to purchase a product at the store. Families will probably rent, test out a product before they are committed to buying.

I wouldn’t be surprised if GameFly over the next few years tailors their products to be more E oriented. Red Box will probably start doing this very soon. They see the value in having family content where the share of other products haven’t been pulling in cash.

Game rentals are in this weird limbo of space and time. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I rented a game. Maybe when I was 13? As a gamer by heart, Blockbuster (still the only game back then) had a really limited selection of what was available. And always the one game I wanted, they only had that one copy that would be out for months at a time (we didn’t have certain fees back then). Their content shifted to be more family focused. When gaming took a backseat to their business, a lot of their customers left as well. In an odd way, coming to the store to pick up a game probably generated more revenue for Blockbuster. We’d stick around to look at the movies, pick up some overpriced candy and soda while we’re at it. It’s the super market syndrome. Get them in for one item, have them leave with 20.

While GameFly and Red Box are seeing their numbers reflect that people want E products, it may end up biting them back when they see the core gamers move off to another service that will cater to their needs.

I think I trailed off again. The point in all of this being that while it’s great that there is a spot for families to get games that won’t offend the senses, Red Box and GameFly shouldn’t make the shift to E only content. If they want to keep their customers, they need to stick to the variety. That’s why I’m still with Netflix, even when people tried to abandon ship (really that rate increase was nothing).

Friday, June 08, 2012

How To Fix E3

The uproarious cries from a gaming fan. I have a feeling that gaming journalists are siding with them.

E3 has turned into a wreck. Last year was pretty bad. (Nice shot Jeremy!) And this year didn’t turn out much better.

After finally making some time to watch the big 3 presentations I can agree with most of the comments that they were lackluster. Some may say that they sucked. I think we’re at a point that E3 is confused about its identity. There was an article about this last year through CNET that really drove into the troubles with E3. It’s a convention trying too hard to please two different crowds: gamers and tech lovers.

Plunkett referring to E3 as a gamer’s Christmas is a pretty good comparison. We sit and wait all year long or those 3 (now 4) days to hear about all of the new and shiny things that are going to be released. That anticipation, that excitement is what kept us interested. And since the bubble burst back in the mid 00’s (who feels old now?), E3 scaled back.

They tried to make it a business/tech show only. That didn’t work. They have been attempting, poorly, to make both realms work together, but neither group is really satisfied with the results. Now we’re stuck in this weird realm of what to do with E3.

Both gamers and the businessmen are not impressed any more. We don’t hear about brand new, never before seen products. It’s all games, consoles, and upgrades that we’ve known for a few months (and in some cases a few years *coughslastguardianendcoughs*) with “maybe” a new trailer or promo video.

You know what was the most exciting thing for me at E3 this year? Two things. The SE tech demo and Ubisoft announcing a brand new, never before seen game with gameplay Watch Dogs. Two items that never saw the light of day until E3. And you know what? Gamers were freekin’ thrilled. So were the tech guys for the SE demo. We spazzed because IT WAS SOMETHING NEW. We already know that Halo 4 is coming out, and Raiden Gear Solid, and another Madden. We’ve known about those for a long time.

E3 was Christmas again for those two moments. And it became fantastic. That's what we loved about old E3. New E3 no longer has that luster. As gamers, we want that pomp and circumstance. We want to be dazzled and wowed by things that devs have been hiding from us. A new video from Halo 4 doesn't hold luster when we know the game is coming out in November.

We’re at the point now where E3 has to make a decision. It can’t satisfy both parties equally. Either it becomes a tech only or game only show. You can’t have it both ways. Look at the popular “fan-based” conventions that exist in the U.S. The ones that have done so well, i.e. SDCC, AX, is because they focus on a particular niche. They may have little sections here and there on sub cultures (SDCC has a small anime base), their heart is on one subject. They focus on that, make it stand out, and give it the attention it needs to grow. That’s what E3 needs to do. They need to figure out what type of “show” they want to be. And if they decide to go the business route, we have TGS to look forward to.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

EA Declares LGBT Pride Month At Company

EA is trying too hard to be accepted by other communities as the “friendly, we love everyone” company. They have declared that June will be LGBT Pride Month for their company.
I say this with sincerity. EA is putting up a front. I mean, you read that and the first thing you don’t think is “wow. Way for a company to be progressive.” It’s more like “what are you trying to divert our attention from now?”

Earlier this year EA was getting flack from both sides of the community through the form of BioWare (EA owns them btw). BW had released Star Wars: The Old Republic with a number of fans feigning boycott because of the lack of same-sex relationships. They announced they were going to release a patch to make changes, and the other side got cranky.

BW did it again with Mass Effect 3, allowing the option for same-sex instances. But with BW, they don’t make a song and dance out of it. Instead it’s more matter of fact. The focus on the story, not about a person being gay, straight, male, female, etc. Even though they’re under the thumb of EA, I still have respect for BW. They don’t make a big deal on how relationships exist. The options are there and it’s up to the player to determine how they want to play the game.

So yeah…EA is trying to cover up another boo-boo. I do like the comment made by Kiwi_tea on the article about their slump in shares on the stock market and their push for more “friendly” service since their win on the Consumerist’s “Worst Company in America”. I really don’t want to look at LGBT Month as a stunt, but that’s what it feels like. If it were any other gaming company, I’d be more receptive. But it’s EA. They ruin things.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Real Time Beard Rendering

Go watch before SE takes it down:

Here is the full tech demo:

WB Interactive Finally Gets It

Because I've said it a few times before, video game based off of movies tend to suck.

WB Interactive has now realized that with their poor showing of games last year, Green Lantern and Happy Feet Two, the “movie games” this year for The Dark Knight and The Hobbit will have nothing to do with the films! Huzzah!

The Avengers game is going that same route as well. Which means more content for us and less rehashing of the same material over and over again.

WB Interactive is one of the few studios that have made movie games sort of worked. They have pieces of the Arkham games, the Lego games (even I have to admit these are fun), and Mortal Kombat. Ok the last was a buyout, but roll with it. The studio wants to take the marketing on high-profile movies and spin them into the games providing more behind the story type of content then what we typically see.

Even more interesting is that they are pushing forward with the Wii-U where other developers are being more cautious. 5 new games are set to release on the Wii-U within the upcoming year and are being showcased at E3. They are also looking to invest in the digital markets, again for more advertising to hype up big movie releases.

It’s backwards thinking for the convention, but it’s what the system needs right now; a jolt to the norm. This could actually work in WBI’s favor. I’d much rather play a Hobbit game that wasn’t a word for word retelling of the book, or Batman that wasn’t a shot for shot match with the movie.

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

E3. Whoopie? I'm a Little Busy.

E3 is going on right now. Or the pre-show at least. It doesn’t really stat until tomorrow but Microsoft and Sony like to jump the gun on a lot of things.

Honestly, I haven’t had time to watch. I’ve been busy with two conventions back to back, and still exhausted from the long weekend. Along with the mounds of photos and videos I need to edit throughout the week, E3 is on the backburner. I’ll post updates when I can, or feel like it. :D

Guess what I scored this weekend? A copy of NiGHTS, the Japanese version. Hell yeah! I was very tempted to pick up a copy of the original MGS for the Nintendo, mint condition, but I couldn’t justify the money…yet. In due time Snake. You will be avenged. I’ll just take my NiGHTS and Eva figures and be happy with the purchases.

Yeah. I’m an Eva fangirl That’ll never change.

Back at E3, um, I think they’re pushing the consoles as being more then consoles, because we haven’t known that since our day 1 purchases. Thanks Microsoft and Sony for stating the obvious? Yeah…I don’t see anything else cool happening.

Another E3 bust me thinks. Looking forward to TGS.