Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Art Before the Game

I say this with much love and respect to those who are in the craft: you have to be insane to want to make a living version of Amano’s pieces.

As a gamer, we sometimes take the reference art for granted. Sure there are books and the manual (sometimes) but the inspiration for a character should deserve more recognition. Thanks Luke (and Kotaku for starting the Fine Art series) for posting Amano to the Kotaku masses that probably weren’t aware of him.

Unless you’re an SE fan. Then you worship the ground he walks on.

Yoshitaka Amano has been working with the FF franchise since the beginning. He was the primary art director through FF9 and took a step back. He still creates character designs in his fanciful style, but doesn’t play as strong of a role in development as he use to. He’s also known as the illustrator for the Vampire Hunter D novels.

The images are still fing awesome. My favorite thing about getting the physical copy of every FFXI expansion pack (screw you digital downloads!) was the art that covered the box. It is always amazing to study.

It’s a good time to look over some of the other artists that helped inspire the games that we love today that you may not have known existed. Sure I could go on for hours about Amano and Shinkawa (Metal Gear Solid for those who don’t know), but there are others!

Thierry Doizon: Concept art for Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, Dues Ex, a bunch of other Ubisoft games, and Tron Legacy (the movie). I call it hard-core watercolors.

Adam Adamowicz: The man recently passed away, but he is known for his landscapes from Fallout 3 to Skyrim. He also drew up some pretty twisted creature designs.

Fumito Uedo: Team Ico has relied on this man to bring art to life. And while we know Team Ico as Team Ico, there are individual members that make up the team. He has designed art for Ico, Shadow of the Colussus, and The Last Guardian.

Long Vo: Currently a comic book artist, he was one of the primary designers for the sprites with Street Fighter Turbo and has contributed a lot of amazing character art to the legacy. You can see how his work has really influenced Street Fighter IV.

Just a sampling of the awesome art that exists for games. Yeah I’m jealous. I can barely make a stick figure. That’s why I sew.


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