Tuesday, June 05, 2012

E3. Whoopie? I'm a Little Busy.

E3 is going on right now. Or the pre-show at least. It doesn’t really stat until tomorrow but Microsoft and Sony like to jump the gun on a lot of things.

Honestly, I haven’t had time to watch. I’ve been busy with two conventions back to back, and still exhausted from the long weekend. Along with the mounds of photos and videos I need to edit throughout the week, E3 is on the backburner. I’ll post updates when I can, or feel like it. :D

Guess what I scored this weekend? A copy of NiGHTS, the Japanese version. Hell yeah! I was very tempted to pick up a copy of the original MGS for the Nintendo, mint condition, but I couldn’t justify the money…yet. In due time Snake. You will be avenged. I’ll just take my NiGHTS and Eva figures and be happy with the purchases.

Yeah. I’m an Eva fangirl That’ll never change.

Back at E3, um, I think they’re pushing the consoles as being more then consoles, because we haven’t known that since our day 1 purchases. Thanks Microsoft and Sony for stating the obvious? Yeah…I don’t see anything else cool happening.

Another E3 bust me thinks. Looking forward to TGS.


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