Thursday, June 21, 2012

For The Sake Of Non-Spam

In fear of spamming my Facebook and DA pages, I’m posting here!

Last night and this morning have been one of those days where awesome things start happening. Awesome geek things.

I shared a photo that I found of myself at Fanime. A little girl came up to ask for an autograph while I dressed as Sailor Mercury. It was so damn cute, and I’m not a kid person. But she was really polite. She said her “please” and “thank you” so I couldn’t deny the request. I signed her book as “~Ami, Sailor Mercury” with a checkmark face of coolness. I took a photo with her and that was that. I had hoped that my friends had a good photo they could upload of the moment, but they came out too blurry.

So I was excited to find one online from a photographer! Sadly it’s the back of my head, but that’s ok! It’s still a cute photo. I shared it on my Facebook page. Ejen from Cosplay in America shared it on his, and bam! I gained 123 Likes in under 24 hours. The final tally will commence when I get home this evening.

Moral of the story? Be a good person and you’ll get way more views and likes then just standing and posing in a costume. :D Not that I intended to post it to get views. I just wanted a link to a memory of a great moment that made cosplaying worth it.

Thinking ahead, I sent a memo over to my CosPod host to expect a jump in our website stats. Turned around about an hour later and double whammy! (Press Your Luck kids. Go look it up.) Our podcast was featured on the Cosplay in America website and we’ve gained a few new followers. We got a personal referral to check us out when we host panels. How cool is that?

So now…Facebook has become a full-time babysitting job. I need to get some donation service going or something. It takes a lot to keep this stuff going. :D


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