Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Incoming E3. Does Anyone Care?

Convention #2. And then E3 next week.

Anyone else not excited about E3 like they have been in past years? It just seems so meh. Not many companies are showing up like they use to, and even the big names are not bringing new products. It’s things we already know about. SE will be talking about Tomb Raider and the FF DS rhythm game. There won’t be info about BioShock Infinity and a lot of newer releases are dropping off the radar.

It’s not the show that it use to be. The past few years have been plagued with lackluster performances and interest. My favorite last year are the kids, who you NEVER SHOULD GIVE LINES TOO, doing very terrible dialogue for the Disney Theme Park game. And then you have Jack Tretton trying to be apologetic with the PSN Home not working. And EA attempting too damn hard to be funny after the South Park episode was released (which was only a week or two earlier). Lame.

Honestly? I’m more excited about TGS. Last year was a blast and I can’t wait to see what they have this round. Which of course I’ll be watching online. At work. *coughs* >.>


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